YOUniversal Products Now Offers Terracotta Plastic Pots

YOUniversal Products LLC is now offering two sizes of terracotta pots on Amazon. This is an expansion of the home and garden plant saucer and plastic pot product line. They have a wood barrel pattern, the first product of its kind offered by the company.

YOUniversal Products LLC, is now selling medium and large terracotta decorative plant pots. The Terracotta pots are the continuation of YOUniversal Product’s decorative pot product line. These terracotta pots are the company’s first terracotta pots on sale. YOUniversal Product’s home and garden line include plant saucers, plant labels, and decorative pots. The Medium and Large Terracotta Pots are now on sale on Amazon.

YOUniversal Products’ Medium Terracotta pots are 7 ⅜ inches tall, 6 ¼ inches on the bottom and 8 ⅝ on the top. The Large Terracotta pots are 11 ¼ inches tall, 9 ¾ inches on the bottom and 13 ⅜ on the top. The terracotta color allows the pot to blend with earth-tones of the surrounding environment. The medium size is useful for various plant sizes. They do not have drainage holes for water, but they can be added by the customer to suit customer needs. The new pots have a wood barrel pattern on the side to emulate a classic look. The terracotta pots are the first terracotta colored pots offered by YOUniversal Products on Amazon. More can be read about their previous expansion of products here.

YOUniversal Products LLC., boasts a 90-day money back guarantee for all of its products. The Terracotta Plastic pots are also a part of Amazon Prime, for free two-day shipping for Prime members. Nathan Mayotte, co-founder of YOUniversal Products, stated, “these terracotta plastic pots expand our inventory based on customer feedback. Customer satisfaction and feedback has allowed us to add these pots to better suit customer needs for their home environments.” The new terracotta decorative plant pots are available currently on Amazon.

Mayotte also comments on the terracotta pots being an expansion of their current home and garden line. He states, “adding more variety to our product line allows customers new ways to decorate their homes. The round design compliments our plant saucer line and our other pots we have already offered by our company.” YOUniversal Products LLC offers plant saucers from 6-14 inches, medium plastic decorative pots, and small plastic pots on Amazon. The new terracotta flower pots are their first pots with pigmentation to match neutral decors.

To learn more about YOUniversal Products’ home and garden line follow this link. To purchase the medium terracotta plastic pots from YOUniversal Products, follow this link.

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