YOUniversal Products Launches Awaited 12” Clear Plastic Plant Saucers

YOUniversal Products announced the availability of their new 12-inch, clear plastic, plant saucers beginning 9/15/2016. More information can be found at:

YOUniversal Products, LLC today announced the addition of 12 inch plant saucers, in five-packs and ten-packs, to their growing line of supplies for plant enthusiasts. They are U.S. made, of clear, recyclable vinyl.

This marks YOUniversal Products sixth and seventh releases in their growing product line of plant saucers. Dan Vander Vort, Co-founder of YOUniversal products said, “A lot of YOUniversal Products customers have been emailing us, asking us, to expedite the release of these plant saucers. They meet a huge need of a lot of people who care for plants, as this is one of the most popular sizes of plant saucers due to the size and style of many pots.”

YOUniversal Products plant saucers have an engineered bottom design that maximizes airflow, which prevents mold and mildew growth by keeping dirt and moisture from building up under the saucers and pots. These saucers are a popular option for plant enthusiasts that need to protect their household surfaces from excess water and dirt as they care for plants. The new 12” clear vinyl planter saucers are now available in both 5-packs and 10-packs, which is a very economical way to purchase planter saucers.

Dan Vander Vort said, “We are releasing this awaited addition to our plant saucer line for sale exclusively on We may sell these plant saucers and other items from our gardening line on our website in the future. At this time however, they are only available on Amazon.”

YOUniversal Products plant saucers are made in the USA to ensure stringent quality standards. They are made using employee safe processes, environments, and raw materials. All YOUniversal Products planter saucers are recyclable, in plastic rating category number three – vinyl.

Persons interested in learning more about YOUniversal Products may do so on the business’ website at

Those interested in purchasing these planter saucers may do so by visiting YOUniversal Products page on Amazon, here:

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