YOUniversal Products Goes Beyond Plant Saucers With New Eco-friendly Pots

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YOUniversal Products announces the sale of eco-friendly flower pots. Made from recycled plastic, the heavy duty pot comes in two colors and sizes. The pots come in brown or green and 4 inches or 6 inches. They are available to U.S.A customers now on Amazon.

YOUniversal Products announced at the beginning of second quarter that they will be launching a new product: eco-friendly flower pots. The flowerpots are made from recycled plastic. The unique creation gives them a variable color consistency. The flowerpots, available on Amazon now, are a continuation of YOUniversal Products’ home-and-garden product line. The eco-friendly pots join a product line of plant saucers, metal plant labels, and other plastic plant pots.

This new planter pot has several characteristics. The eco-friendly pots brought by YOUniversal Products are available in a green or brown coloration. Along with the varying color consistency, the pots come in two sizes. YOUniversal Products will be selling a 4 inch and 6 inch version of the recycled plastic pots. Each pot has a drainage hole at the bottom of the pot. They are heavy duty and extremely strong. At the minimum thickness, the pots are ¼ th inch thick. Zach Ashmore, co-founder of YOUniversal Products LLC. notes that, “not only are these made from recycled plastic, but they have a strength that is unexpected in products made like this. The company [YOUniversal Products] wanted to insure that the high-quality reputation is maintained. These pots are unique, durable, and environmentally friendly. It is a rare find that we are happy to bring to our customers.” These pots will only be available to customers from the United States. International customers will not be able to buy these flowerpots.

YOUniversal Products has experience in the home-and-garden arena. They began selling plant saucers in 2015. However, these new pots come with a built-in plant saucer. The eco-friendly pots also function similarly to an insulator to plant’s roots. This follows suit with YOUniversal Products other merchandise as it can be used indoors and outdoors indiscriminately. Ashmore comments, “These pots won’t crack like others on the market when the weather gets cold. Our customer satisfaction is our greatest priority, so we make sure to bring versatile products on the market.” The environmentally friendly flowerpots are available on Amazon along with YOUniversal Products other merchandise. All of YOUniversal Products purchases boast a 90-day money-back worry-free guarantee. Amazon Prime customers have free two day shipping available to them for their own convenience.

For more information on the eco-friendly flowerpots offered by YOUniversal Products, please visit this website. If customers would like to explore other products offered by the company including plant saucers, heavy-duty plant labels, or their other pots please visit their storefront.

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