Young Adult Fantasy Author, Tiyana Angel Releases Lilyth for 99c

Fantasy author, Tiyana Angel releases Lilyth, the first in her young adult Shadow Spirits Paradox series. Fantasy book lovers will be delighted with this exciting read.

Fantasy book lovers looking for a delightful fantasy read can purchase Lilyth – Book 1 by Tiyana Angel for 99c today on Kindle (and for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription). This is the first book of the Shadow Spirits Paradox series. It is also available in Paperback for $5.99.

In Lilyth, the main character, Lilyth thinks she understands death until her best friend Tristan takes her to see her first corpse. This dead man brings a frightening revelation. Readers will be on the edges of their seats, wondering how Lilyth copes with learning that her entire kingdom is in danger.

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Young adult fantasy author, Tiyana Angel strives in her fiction weave a compelling story that sweeps readers away while reflecting the truth of the world. Readers will find this book exciting, enthralling, and a true page turner.

Readers have raved about Lilyth, the first of Tiyana Angel’s Shadow Spirits Paradox series:

About Lilyth – Book 1, Amazon reader, Helaurin says: “This book put me right into a really detailed, interesting world with characters I’m already in love with!”

A second reader, Lady Z, exclaims, “Awesome story that begs for the 2nd in the series…”

And about the book, a third reader, PurpleOcean642, raves: “This was really exciting! The pages just flew by. Lilyth and Tristan are wonderful characters and I love them.”

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Lilyth is being offered for 99c on Kindle (and for free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription). It is also available in paperback for $5.99 through Createspace, and other online book distributors.

About Tiyana Angel:

Tiyana Angel started publishing in 2016. In addition to Lilyth, she has written Warrior Cats 1-4 and Strange Magic. Readers can learn more about Ms. Angel’s work at

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