Yonkers NY Appellate Lawyer – Litigation/Appeal Attorney Report Launched

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Jafri Law Firm (+1-800-593-7491) has recently published a report detailing the importance of choosing a legal team well-versed in the field of appellate law before considering an appeal or litigation case.

Titled ‘Don’t Hire a Trial Lawyer to Handle your Appeal’, the new report informs readers about the benefits of enlisting the legal representation of an appellate lawyer who can help them attain the verdict that they had initially hoped for.

More information is available at https://www.jafrilawfirm.com/blog/dont-hire-a-trial-lawyer-to-handle-your-appeal

The new report indicates that, after losing a case, people must consider whether they want to continue working with their unsuccessful trial lawyer, or try their hand with an appellate specialist. It is essentially a decision between familiarity and expertise; while the original lawyer will understand the intricacies of the case, appellate lawyers have the advantage of understanding the complexities of the appeal process.

Moreover, they may be able to offer a fresh perspective that tips the judgment in favor of the appealing client by exploring new theories or handling the case from a different angle. Jafri Law Firm’s report affirms the importance of expertly-honed analytical skills in appellate litigation law.

Appeal lawyers will sift through the original case information, as well as any neglected data, with a fine-tooth comb in order to find details that have the potential to greatly impact the case.

About Jafri Law Firm

The Westchester County law firm is based in Armonk, NY, but they can offer legal support to clients throughout the US and are fully licensed to operate in all 50 states. They are adept at writing appellate briefs that concisely convey their client’s position.

Specifically, they have handled hundreds of appeals relating to antitrust, securities, commercial, and constitutional law, as well as white-collar criminal cases. They can review and analyze all of the case facts and develop a water-tight strategy in order to get the desired outcome in the first appeal. In addition to appellate litigation, Jafri’s practice areas include bankruptcy, family, and employment law.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Our unique approach to intensively reviewing and analyzing the facts in every case frequently leads us to rethink arguments and develop innovative strategies and legal theories that prove compelling on appeal.”

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