Yoga Wellness Stability Balls Straps Blocks Mats Pregnancy Pilates Site Launched

A new online store, Pavandeep Wellness Products, has been launched and specializes in yoga equipment including stability balls and yoga mats. Every products purchased helps the company to fund charitable projects.

Pavandeep Wellness Products has launched a new online store. Their products specialize in stability balls, yoga mats, cotton straps and yoga blocks and the proceeds from sales help the company to fund charity projects.

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Pavandeep Wellness is named after the founder of the company, Pavandeep Kaur. She is a yoga teacher, health coach, assistant midwife and Doula and a volunteer EMT. Pavandeep Wellness state that they provide high quality products to their customers that last and therefore won’t need to be replaced often thus helping the environment, equaling a healthy planet and better value for money.

The site explains that every product purchased from Pavandeep Wellness helps the company to fund projects they believe in around the world. They work mostly with communities in Latin America and fulfill their ethos of paying it forward.

One of the products offered by the company is stability balls that have a variety of uses. These balls can not only be used for yoga and pilates but are also ideal for pregnancy, labor and birth. The balls come in three colors, have a high resistance of up to 2000lbs of pressure and are tested and approved by fitness and yoga professionals. They are latex free and a handy foot pump is included with every purchase.

Other products available include yoga mats, yoga blocks and cotton straps enabling a customer to practice yoga comfortably and correctly. The benefits of yoga mats are plenty, for example they provide a participant of yoga with traction when performing a pose making them less likely to slip and obtain an injury. They also provide cushioning, improve balance and provide warmth by shielding the body from cold flooring.

Yoga blocks are beneficial for helping with performing advanced yoga poses by providing supports and allowing the body to keep to the correct alignments. They also reduce the distance between the ground and the body making poses easier to achieve.

Interested parties wishing to know more can visit the website and use the contact form provided and they can also visit the Amazon store via the links provided.

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