Yoga Fitness Program For Progressive Strength Gain/Weight Loss Report Launched

The launch of Yoga Burn, a twelve-week fitness program designed by Zoe Bray-Cotton, has recently been announced. The program is designed to help women lose weight, gain strength, improve muscle tone and fitness at home.

Tips Yoga, a website specializing in high-quality yoga resources, recently released a report about Yoga Burn, a twelve-week yoga fitness program designed to help women lose weight and strengthen their body from the comfort of their own home. Yoga Burn is a progressive and results-based program composed of three phases that increase in difficulty as the user gains strength.

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Tips Yoga showcases the latest yoga programs and also collates information relating to yoga poses, benefits of yoga practice, meditation, and health. Its latest report, Tips Yoga explains that the Yoga Burn program, developed by experienced yoga coach Zoe Bray-Cotton, has many benefits for women looking for effective at-home yoga tutorials.

The report explains that Yoga Burn is an affordable option for women to access professional yoga coaching delivered in a well-structured, developing program. The program is divided into three main phases; foundational flow, transitional flow, and mastery flow. Each phase is carefully designed to gradually improve a user’s flexibility and strength, allowing them to progress seamlessly to the next phase.

The report details some features of the program. One such feature is that Yoga Burn is designed in a way that allows users to adjust the sequences to their specific capability level. This means that the program is never too difficult or too easy for any user and can also be adjusted for how the user is feeling on any given day.

Yoga Burn is designed for women and a key feature is that a user can commence the program at their current level of fitness. The program is available as an online digital download or on physical DVDs. It includes all 3 phases, a warm-up yoga class, and twenty in-depth tutorials on different yoga poses.

A representative for Tips Yoga said: “After reviewing Yoga Burn, I was pleased that the program brought me visible results by following expert tutorials at home. Yoga Burn was a great option and left me feeling happier, less stressed and helped me shed some unwanted pounds”.

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