YIVE 3.0 By Marcus Cudd The Video Creator And Marketing Automation App

Grow any business on the go using Your Instant Video Empire 3.0, these incredible video creator and marketing automation machine will swipe the way to success!

Yive helps to grow any business on the go using these incredible video creator and marketing automation machine. Your Instant Video Empire 3.0 can help to tap and swipe the way to success!

YIVE was created by Marcus Cudd who invested over $100k in it’s development and growth since it first launched. So before you ask.. YES, it’s an amazing tool that’s here to stay and is constantly being maintained and updated.

When YIVE first launched, it’s main purpose was to auto-create videos for promoting Amazon products. Simply type a word and it does the rest. But since then has grown into a massive tool now does so much more.

– Creates and Uploads Videos on Autopilot for you

– Creates Videos 24/7/365 for you

– Creates Videos from Your RSS Feeds for you

– Creates Videos for Any Keyword for you

– Creates Videos from Any URL for you

– Creates Videos For Amazon Reviews for you

– Creates Videos for Multiple Languages for you

– Creates Videos from Your Own Scripts for you

– Creates Unique Videos from one Script for you.

What Does YIVE 3.0 Do For You?

The possibilities with Yive go on and on and the imagination go wild on how to use the video system to drive traffic, sales, link juice and a whole lot more, few ways you can use Yive:

– Dominate Any Niche with Thousands of Videos, drive Traffic to Affiliate Campaigns, E-commerce Products, Websites, Pay Per Call leads and lead Generation Sites, drive Traffic to Client Websites,.. dominate in Many Languages, generate YouTube Ad Revenue, build authority YouTube Channels, Email List or resell Traffic to Clients,…. The imagination is the limit

What makes Yive so powerful is it’s ability to automate tasks. If fact, it creates a full campaign in just a few minutes without ever needing any video editing skills.it runs multiple campaigns at once, distributes videos across multiple accounts, uses spintax, converts scripts to voice over with background music and much more.

Who Is Yive For?

Your Instant Video Empire is for marketers, affiliate marketers, product owners and local marketers who want to automate a lot of their work for getting traffic, conversions, leads, and sales. With Yive, it’s as simple as adding accounts, choosing campaign type and setting a few options. After that, it’s all automated. Yive will create 1 video or 100+ videos and upload to account(s) over a period of time and repeat.

More information about the Yive software app features, demo, overview and bonus can be found at: : https://youtu.be/GLH4eBtFP0k or here : https://whatblag.com/yive-review

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