YEVAE releases new music videos raising uncomfortable topics on YouTube

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An emerging electropop artist welcomes you to her YouTube channel in hopes her songs would raise awareness about mental health issues, suicide prevention, social justice, and women's empowerment. Music lovers and electronic dance music fans will find their new favorite channel for new music 2021

Electronica-tinged chanteuse Yevae (pronounced Yeh-vah) welcomes you to her YouTube channel created with a purpose of empowering and helping everyone to realize their strengths, gain confidence, and independence through music.

The nascent Ukrainian-American singer blends an eclectic mix of mesmerizing vocals, pulsing electronic rhythms and memorable melodies with a message of uplifting positivity for an unforgettable result.

The electropop artist is using her music to start a conversation about the mental health issues, suicide prevention, social justice, women and social justice. Discover a new singer songwriter music and a new way of raising uncomfortable topics and delivering heavy messages with a help of modern dance music. Music lovers and electronic dance music fans will definitely find their new go to channel as more music videos are expected to drop as part of new music 2021.

Yevae, Singer-Songwriter at Yevae said: “I am very happy to share with you my channel and music that depicts stories from my and other people’s lives to inspire you that everything is possible. Even if you hit the bottom, you can always push off it. .”

Yevae’s Singer-Songwriter goes on to say: “The aim of the new YouTube Channel is to Entertain and support people in their darkest and happiest moments as well as help them realize that everything depends on their decisions and there are always ways to take a better and happier path in life.”

Born and raised in Ukraine, Yevae moved to the United States as a young adult. Diligently building a career in the tech industry, Yevae also followed her heart, pursuing her passion for music on the side.

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