Offers Custom VA Services to Business Owners makes it easy for small to medium-sized business owners to find skilled workers that match their exact needs. makes it easy for small to medium-sized business owners to find skilled workers that match their exact needs. Launched in 2016, the online platform connects remote workers from different backgrounds, locations, and specializations with business owners looking for a virtual assistant (VA) to whom they can entrust specific aspects of their business. The website has hundreds of satisfied clients from different industries. As of today, has seen to the success of over 1,000 projects. is one of the biggest virtual assistant services marketplace online. “We screen online workers looking for a job as a virtual assistant and we match them to a client who needs someone with their professional experience and skills set,” co-founder James Limbrit said. “We offer competitively priced virtual assistant services to business owners who need a little hand with some business tasks. At the same time, we’re also helping a lot of online workers find jobs where they can perform well,” he added. is committed to helping business owners save costs and time, increase productivity, and grow their business with customized virtual assistant services. Searching for a professional to provide specific services is faster and more efficient with the online platform. Rates are affordable and transparent. By visiting, clients can browse the different virtual assistant services available and pricing structures. They can also ask for a direct quote if they have any special requirements.

Custom Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistant services available at include administrative support services that would allow business owners to delegate day-to-day tasks to an experienced professional. Admin support virtual assistants can perform various tasks such as data entry, email management, file conversions, web research, and real estate management. also has marketing support staff available to businesses planning to build their brand and expand their online presence. Clients can also tap creative marketing services offered by VAs who specialize in animation videos, content writing, graphic design, and website design and development. VAs for email marketing, cold calling, classified posting, marketing and social media, search engine optimization, and product listing are also available for hire. virtual assistant services can benefit businesses that wish to scale operations without breaking the bank on overhead expenses. Hiring a full-time employee to handle administrative and other business tasks can put a dent on a business’ operational budget. As opposed to hiring a salaried employee, hiring a virtual assistant is a cost-efficient option to expand your operations. The employer pays only for work done or flexible monthly terms. The platform has no requirement for mandatory leaves or health benefits.

“Technological innovations and global events have significantly affected the way we define work. Opportunities in online businesses and e-commerce are plentiful,” said Limbrit. “The job market is then also moving more deeply towards a digital direction. Workers are increasingly more conscious about the importance of achieving a healthy work-life balance. And that’s one of the things that we’re trying to achieve,” he added.

About understands that time is a valuable asset for any business owner. The platform makes it easy to find a talented professionals who can perform business tasks remotely. Hiring a virtual assistant gives business owners more time on their hands to focus on tasks that have a bigger impact on their bottom line. At the same time, they are able to entrust important business tasks to VAs who have the knowledge and the expertise.

The founders of have developed a more distinctive profile of the virtual assistant industry for over five years. The company has now built a continuously growing network of educated and highly trained working professionals. Projects are assigned according to the VA’s skills and field of expertise to ensure that the clients’ exact needs are met.

Many of these virtual assistants have embraced the advantages of working remotely. They are located in different parts of the world. The multi-national team offers clients the advantage of being able to hire professional support from another time zone, to keep business operations running round the clock. VAs can work flexible hours and even on weekdays and holidays. Having served around 200 customers, the team maintains a good track record in terms of turnaround times and project completion. VA services is accessible to anyone. The process is straightforward and there are no setup fees. Rates start for as low as $29 for two hours of service. For ongoing projects, clients can choose from the affordable monthly plans. The platform offers a customer service guarantee, wherein clients can avail two hours’ work for free if they’re unhappy with their VA. Interested parties can visit for more information.

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