Xtreem Parrotlets For The Serious Breeder and Collector of Rare Parrotlets Goes Worldwide

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Xtreem Parrotlets is for the serious breeder and collector or rare Parrotlets. Founders, Bill and Diana have created advanced breeding techniques giving way to pedigree bloodlines and new genetic pathways that allow them to produce some of the rarest Parrotlets in the world.

Xtreem Parrotlets has two aviaries that are climate controlled, have special lighting, and an automatic water system that provides a constant resource of clean fresh water at all times. Their Parrotlets are fed a diet that consist of Roudy Bush products as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

The overall health and well being of the birds are provided by the services of Dr. Susan Sattler, DVM, AVBP, who oversees the Parrotlets to maintain their excellent health. According to the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners, Dr Sattler is one of only 15 veterinarians in the state of Florida that is board certified as an avian veterinarian.

They have many rare genetic mutations of Parrotlets for sale and also have a mentoring program designed to assist their clients and walk them through various challenges in breeding and raising Parrotlets.

According to pet celebrity Marc Marrone, owner of Parrots of the World based in New York, “Xtreem Parrotlets has grown in popularity among pet lovers, hobby breeders, and advanced breeders who want to change their breeding programs in anticipation of new mutations.”

Marc Marrone has his own TV show and is a frequent pet expert guest on several TV shows such as the Martha Stewart show. He also writes his own column in News Day on rare animals and parrots. Marc has now joined the Xtreem Parrotlets Team. Marc Marrone’s Parrots of the World is the largest exporter of birds in the United States, now joining Xtreem Parrotlets team making them the number one worldwide exporters of Parrotlets.

Xtreem Parrotlets has been selling Parrotlets in the United States for several years. Located in the Greater Tampa Bay Area of Florida, they sell Parrotlets throughout the United States and Worldwide. The Xtreem Parrotlet Team is dedicated in producing the World’s rarest and exotic new color mutations making it possible to share with all of its clients in the United States and Worldwide.

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