XITE Nootropics Memory Boosting Protein Bars/All-Natural Energy Drinks Launched

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XITE Energy announces the launch of nootropic-enriched energy drinks and memory boosting protein bars to help optimize cognitive function and mental acuity so individuals feel revitalized.

XITE Energy has announced an array of nootropic-enriched energy and memory-boosting drinks and protein bars that can increase focus, promote cognitive function, and alleviate fatigue. The products are formulated to improve mental and physical performance and overall well-being.

More details can be found at: https://xiteyourmind.com

Nootropics, derived from the Greek words “noos,” meaning “mind” and “tropein,” signifying “bending,” generally are any substance that positively influences cognitive ability. Sometimes called cognition enhancers, or memory-enhancing substances, Nootropics can boost brain performance. The new line of nootropics by XITE Energy works by improving blood flow to the brain and regulating the natural balance of hormones and enzymes.

Demanding schedules, skipped meals, multitasking, and other challenges of modern life can sap concentration and make it difficult to focus. Because of these daily challenges, there has been a rise in the global use of nootropics. Parents, college students, executives, and even athletes hoping to get an extra mental and physical boost and tackle brain fog, will find that XITE’s all-natural energy drinks and protein bars, with a proprietary blend of nootropics, can promote clarity of mind and a healthy body.

XITE Energy was developed when Oliver Bennett, a competitive rallycross driver, wanted to ensure peak concentration while driving, and Megan Jones, a recent university graduate, saw the gap in the market and consumer need for great-tasting energy products. Both Oliver and Megan note that their energy drinks and protein bars can significantly improve mood, motivation, concentration, and creativity. Launched in 2017, XITE Energy’s products continue to be a healthy alternative to the sugary caffeine-filled drinks currently on the market.

XITE Energy’s nootropic fortified protein bars and energy drinks provide a healthy, vegan-friendly, energy alternative that doesn’t compromise on taste or function. Their sparkling energy drinks, Peach + Passion fruit and Raspberry + Watermelon, consist primarily of three active nootropics: green bean caffeine, ginseng, and amino acids. Unlike traditional energy drinks, the natural green bean caffeine helps individuals retain energy and focus longer without quickly “crashing.” In addition, all XITE Energy products contain no preservatives, sugar, added colors, or taurine.

According to a spokesperson for XITE Energy, “We are excited to announce the launch of our line of nootropics that are a natural way to improve alertness, focus and cognitive function.”

For more information, visit: https://xiteyourmind.com

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