Xirkle, LLC Announced AdROAS for Advertisers, and its New Search Engine – Xirkle.com

Xirkle, LLC, one of the newest growing search junctions on the Internet, today announced Xirkle AdROAS and its new website at www.xirkle.com with a $50 advertising credit for all new advertisers.

Xirkle, LLC, one of the newest growing search junctions on the Internet, today announced AdROAS, an engaging new advertising platform that connects relevant search results with a user’s search query. The company today also announced the launch of its new website at www.xirkle.com with a limited-time $50 advertising credit for all new advertisers.

With the launch of Xirkle and the introduction of AdROAS, Xirkle completes a private beta test, which uses comprehensive criteria that leverages Yahoo’s API. Xirkle is committed to providing a reliable search experience on the Internet by offering users a high-performing search technology that enables quick access to online information.

Users can search anonymously. While most search engines collect user queries, Xirkle is different because Xirkle believes it is unnecessary to track user queries; however, the company tracks basic advertising metrics within AdROAS. “A user’s conduct should be self governed. Without unnecessary and unwanted monitoring, a user’s universal right to this vast online information can flourish in the light of this growing online frontier.” ,said Tom O. Chhuong, co-founder of Xirkle.

Xirkle’s essential technology connects a massive back-end search index to a clean, simple-to-use user interface with top-notch technology to deliver quick search results based on quality and relevancy without meddling in the affairs of online users.

With the increased usage of mobile devices, Xirkle works on all mobile devices, while delivering quick search results on a mobile-friendly website.

“Research shows that more users are relying heavily on their mobile devices to conduct personal and business activities.” ,said Tom O. Chhuong, co-founder and chief executive officer of Xirkle. We addressed this issue with a fast, mobile-friendly website.”

Xirkle Search Features Xirkle’s minimalistic approach toward search technology includes the following:

Simple-to-Use Layout: Xirkle designed the interface to be simple for users to enter search queries, find results, and visit their desired website. All search results include a simple text link headline and a brief summary of its webpage. Discover Something!: Users could enter a search query and click the “Discover Something!” button, which takes users instantly to the corresponding first search result. For instance, entering “felix the cat” into the search box and clicking the “Discover Something!” button takes the user instantly to www.felixthecat.com Tracking Not Included: Unlike other engines, Xirkle does not track any activities within those search results. For example, a user clicking on one of those organic search results will not be tracked by Xirkle.

About Xirkle, LLC Xirkle is a privately held company in Brooklyn, NY, which was founded by Tom O. Chhuong and Joel Weiss to create a fast search engine without user tracking. Visit http://www.xirkle.com to learn more about this new search engine.

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