XBMC Fully Loaded Publish A Review On The Best Android TV Box In The UK 2016

XBMC Fully Loaded releases its unbiased write up and review of T8 Plus (V3) Android TV Box with Kodi in the UK, with a specific view to helping less tech-savvy viewers. More information and the review itself can be found at http://xbmcfullyloaded.com/

Android TV Boxes UK’s website XBMC Fully Loaded recently published their in depth review of the T8 PLUS (V3) Android TV Box For The UK Market with a focus on helping less tech-savvy media and television viewers. The aim of XBMC Fully Loaded is to provide the most relevant and useful information to less technologically gifted television viewers, so they may buy with confidence.

While it may seem unusual to some, XBMC Fully Loaded chooses to focus on helping people who feel less comfortable with gadgets, technology and other devices, more specifically, because the developers themselves are the audience and appreciate the need for someone to guide them and share good advice on this, an All-In-One simplistic media hub.

While most other review sites simply list the positive selling points, such as the simplicity of plug and play, which is great because with the T8 Plus Android straight out of the box can be up in running in a matter of minutes with everything needed to start the viewing experience.

And some sites may go so far as to cover the more critical aspects as well, for example, The T8 Plus is a little pricey and there are less expensive models on the market from the likes of China and Asia, which lets it down because most customers want to base all their purchases on price and don’t see value in the support and updates supplied by XBMC Fully Loaded until they become stuck or need advice.

XBMC Fully Loaded endeavours to go one step further in its mission to provide more value to people who feel less comfortable with gadgets, technology and devices. One example of such specific advice is found below.

Pound for pound this box is as easy to use as a mobile phone but do not be fooled by what lies under the hood with the quad core processor and built on antenna. What has been developed to get this amazing viewing experience, is the best XBMC Android TV Box in the UK today, with automatic updates and replenishing plus a super cool user friendly interface.

XBMC Fully Loaded was setup in 2010, founded by Barry O’Hallaron. The idea for the site came about when Mr O’Hallaron saw first hand how much difficulty and technical knowledge was required to achieve such a mundane task of setting up an Android TV set top box at home. The core task of having to load the apps to the box with updates and renewals was always above the less technological customers enjoyment. This step had to be built into the box and this is principal when purchasing a box from xbmcfulleyloaded.com. XBMC Fully Loaded has to date found customers now get a lot more value and enjoyment from the T8 Plus Quad Core Android TV Set Top Box with less effort and interruptions.

Ever since, XBMC Fully Loaded has made a point to provide the most value and best information to people who feel less comfortable with gadgets, technology and other devices. So far this encompasses about 50 pages of content on the site and hundreds of reviews from happy, satisfied and referring customers.

XBMC Fully Loaded’s complete write up and review of T8 PLUS (V3) Android TV Box For The UK Market can be found at http://xbmcfullyloaded.com/

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