Wylie TX Winter Hair Color Trends Face-Framing Highlights Service Expanded

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A salon near Wylie, TX has expanded its range of hair color services to cater to fall and winter trends including face-framing highlights, chestnut brown highlights, and cinnamon-brown lowlights.

A specialist salon and spa have expanded its range of services to include winter hair trends and colors including face-framing highlights and lowlights. The Full Spectrum Hair Salon and its team explains they can help customers find the perfect fall or winter color, whether they want to achieve a rich caramel color, add chestnut highlights, or add new dimensions with lowlights.

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The newly expanded services enable customers to stay ahead of the latest hair trends, refresh their look, and care for their hair at the same time. The Full Spectrum Hair Salon team explain they are based in Murphy, TX and, are accessible to customers in and around the area including Wylie.

They add that there are many hair color trends that customers may be interested in. For instance, the team explains the most popular colors for fall and winter include spiced chestnut browns for deep color, cinnamon brown with a subtle hint of red or copper throughout, and golden-blonde highlights to maintain a summer glow.

Other color trends include face-framing highlights that are designed to add warmth and give people the option to test out blonde tones without the maintenance required of going blonde from brunette. The team adds it also offers people the option to gradually transition to blonde.

Rich-chocolate brown is another hair trend that is growing in popularity for the winter season. It can lift or boost hair that feels flat while still looking natural and subtle explain the team. They add that popular blonde options include cool-toned shades with dark unblended roots.

The Full Spectrum Hair Salon offers specialist hair treatments including color correction, dimensional full highlights, partial highlights, color removal, and a color glaze.

A representative said: “Whatever you want, we can help you. We do not have a typical client. We style for New York Fashion Week models and baristas. We do hair for editorial photo shoots and dog walkers. We makeover celebrities for TV spots and cool girls with normal jobs – we have (and we give) style, beauty, confidence, and love.”

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