Wycombe Buckinghamshire Marketing Business Reputation Check Free Report Launched

A High Wycombe marketing company has announced the launch of a free reputation report service allowing companies to discover what their customers think. The process is designed to help any business improve its reputation and business standing.

A marketing consultant in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, has announced the launch of a free reputation and online visibility report service for all businesses in the UK. A poor reputation in the online marketplace can do lasting damage to any business, and too many companies are unaware of precisely what their reputation is, and how they can improve it. Wycombe Marketing can help both new and established businesses to hone in on their reputation, increase and expand it.

More information can be found on the Wycombe Marketing website at: http://checkyourreputation.co.uk.

The site explains that a business’s reputation and online visibility has a massive influence on the success or failure of the business. Having a poor reputation can cripple a business, especially if they are unaware of what is causing the downward spiral of their turnover.

The online business reputation check service offered by Wycombe Marketing follows a three step process to help businesses and website owners to discover up to date and crucial information on their performance. The first step is to discover the latest trends on what customers are saying, while the second is to address online directory issues to get more customers, and the third is based on negative reviews, why they were left, and how they can be remedied.

Wycombe Marketing’s team of trained experts will walk each client through what to do after they enter their company information. Proprietary software will create a comprehensive report to show each interested part how they can fix and correct any reputation or business issues online, and the team will provide a self guided tour and explain what is needed to be done to correct any issues found.

Businesses wanting to find out their company’s reputation score simply have to fill in their details on the Wycombe Marketing website, using the forms provided at the top of bottom of the page. The resulting search will check over 30 directories, helping businesses in any niche to improve their standing on Google and with their customers.

Interested parties wanting to find out more can get in touch with Pete Lay at Wycombe Marketing on 01494 372266.

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