Wyckoff Trading Method Stock Investment Trade Analysis Software Launched

MBoxWave, a stock market analysis company has developed a trading software based on the Wyckoff Trading method. The software helps users identify positive and negative stock trends and identify the best moment to invest in or trade stocks.

MBoxWave, stock market analysis company, launched the Mboxwave, a new trading software based on the Wyckoff Trading method.

More information is available at http://mboxwave.com.

Stock trading has always involved considerable calculations, trend analysis, market study and a wide range of similar operations to determine which stocks are likely to perform well. From simple linear calculations to advanced, cycle-based pattern studies, trading analysis has always been essential for successful and profitable investment.

The Wyckoff trading method was developed in the 1930s by Richard Wyckoff, a reputed financial and stock market analyst. His trading method is based on the idea of stocks going through periods of accumulation and distribution, and offering precise guidelines on when the best time for investment is.

According to Richard Wyckoff, the four stock cycles are accumulation, markup, distribution and markdown. With a contextual approach taking into account short, medium and long term trends, Wyckoff developed a trading method based on trend observation and analysis, thus helping investors select the most appropriate times for stock investment and trading.

Ninja Trader is a new software designed to employ the Wyckoff method principles in automatically analyzing stock trading data, thus enabling the user to identify solid stocks and invest accordingly.

The software features a visual interface enabling the user to analyze stocks based on the four Wyckoff cyclical periods. A variety of factors such as volume, bid volume, delta volume and delta percent, length and width are calculated in real time.

The graphic analysis helps users see the periods where buying volumes are high or low, and identify stock prices as they rise, fall, or maintain a steady trend. By taking into account a variety of specialized factors, the best moments to invest can be identified, thus securing solid stock trading with potential financial gains.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting http://mboxwave.com.

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