WpTwin Site Backup Software Ben Murray 2016 Low Price Safety Program Launched

A new site backup and protection service has been launched, helping to give site owners peace of mind in the case of hacks, malware, and website crashes. Called WP Twin, it backs up everything and works on all major devices and computers.

A new site cloning backup safety program has launched offering business owners the chance to securely and safely back up their WordPress website in less than a minute. Called WP Twin, it was designed to make it as easy as possible for site owners to avoid damaging hack attempts, server crashes, and malware problems that can bring down less well prepared sites.

More information can be found at: http://letsgolook.at/WpTwin.

The site explains that WordPress has become the staple for many businesses in the online marketplace, because it is highly powerful and easy to use. Through making use of plugins, site owners are able to achieve almost anything on their site even if they don’t have specific coding knowledge.

WordPress has a large user base and is used by many big name companies around the world. WordPress offers its users a significant advantage over their competitors, and is highly customizable, making it ideal for businesses in any niche.

However one of the drawbacks of WordPress is that it’s vulnerable to hacking attempts and one update, bad plugin or line of code could cause the whole site to crash. This means that no online business is truly safe, and site owners should look to protect their work with a reliable piece of software like WP Twin.

With WP Twin, site owners don’t have to worry about malware, user errors, bad commands or deleted files. If a new update wrecks the framework of the site, it doesn’t matter, because the site is backed up safe and secure through WP Twin.

This saves business owners the trouble of hiring a team to protect their site, and also stops them having to start from scratch all over again. WP Twin works on PC, Mac, iPads, Android devices, and many more platforms. It takes just seconds to use, and clones anything and everything, so all data is secure all of the time.

Further information on the product can be found by visiting the URL above. There is additional information at: http://muncheye.com/ben-murray-et-al-wptwin.

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