WP Optimiser Chris Hitman 2018 WordPress Site Speed Optimization Plugin Released

A new WordPress Plugin, launched by Chris Hitman, helps users improve the performance of their websites by solving 6 major speed problems.

Chris Hitman and his team of software developers have announced the release of a new market leading software product. WP Optimiser helps users fix major speed issues and make their sites 500% faster.

More information can be found at: http://muncheye.com/wpoptimiser.

Site dead weight is one of the reasons many online businesses lose valuable traffic and leads. Sites that are optimized for speed not only provide better user experience but also achieve higher rankings, better conversions and lead to lower bounce rates. Moreover, according to the recent Google Speed Update, page speed will become a ranking factor in the Google mobile search results.

However, when users decide to improve the performance of their sites, many of them run into a common problem: the current WordPress optimisation products on the market either use cache, optimise the site database or mess around with the Java & CSS often breaking the site in the process. Many of the them are extremely expensive or do just half the job.

As a response to this concern, Chris Hitman has released a new software tool which allows users to run site diagnostics and implement quick fixes to six major and very common speed issues. According to the product website, those problems relate to poor global connectivity, page length and loading, poor config and inadequate hosting plans, plugins and themes load speed, heavy site graphics and slow databases.

WP Optimiser can quickly and effective solve these issues and make a website 70% lighter in just a few clicks. It helps users make their WordPress sites run much faster especially on mobile achieve better ranking on search result pages in Google.Wp Optimiser can boost the website speed by up to 378%.

More details about the software tool as well as an early bird coupon can be found at the product website: http://letsgolook.at/WPOptimiser.

Release ID: 299292