Woy Woy Affordable Implants For Missing Teeth & Better Dental Health Launched

Beautiful smiles leave a lasting impression. As such, Advanced Dental Services, an Australian cosmetic dental clinic has launched Affordable Implants. So, now there are no excuses not to have that missing tooth or teeth replaced with a permanent and natural looking implant.

Woy Woy, New South Wales-based Advanced Dental Services, a cosmetic, implant and orthodontic specialist, has launched their affordable implants campaign. This advanced initiative sees missing or damaged teeth replaced with replicas that look and feel like real teeth. Made from titanium, these replicas are durable and protect other teeth from damage.

More information is available at http://advanceddentalservices.com.au/services/dental-implants.

Recently launched, the world class dental implants are so versatile they can replace a single missing tooth or they can support the bridge making them a great alternative to dentures. Made from durable titanium, implants won’t decay, create nerve problems, or require root canal surgery in the future.

With major advances in technology, implants have developed over the past decade. As such, a missing tooth can be replaced quickly and easily.

Before having an implant procedure carried out, Advanced Dental Services measure height, width and thickness of the bone available for implants. Patients can then choose from a range of different crowns such as porcelain-fused to metal, ceramic, gold alloy, and base metal alloys.

As a team of highly skilled and qualified dentist, Advanced Dental Services use only the best materials and latest technology. Plus, they aim to make all experiences relaxed and comfortable by informing all patients about their care before any procedure takes place.

When asked about the quality of service received at Advanced Dental Services, one patient said, “I was very pleased and comfortable with this dentist. I can honestly say that I was impressed with the advice given and a service provided with such professionalism. This dentist is lovely and a dedicated, caring person as well. I am actually looking forward to going back for my next appointment.”

To find out more about Advanced Dental Services and their Affordable Implants, call (02) 4341 1751 or visit http://advanceddentalservices.com.au and https://youtube.com/watch?v=EcNaCfNpJfA.

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