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The robotic dog is battery powered, and it places itself in its Smarbed, essentially a recharge socket. This is designed to mimic a real dog’s resting behavior, increasing CHIP’s realism. Interested parties can find more information by visiting the website mentioned above,

A new artificial intelligence robotic dog has recently been released by Wowwee, an entertainment technology developer. The realistic toy dog is called CHIP, an acronym for Canine Home Intelligence Pet.

Wowwee has a number of RC High Tech toys on the market at present. While Chip is the most advanced of the Interactive Wowwee lineup, others include Robosapien & Zoomer,

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The latest improvements in artificial intelligence (AI) have led to a considerable market development in the entertainment robots niche, with pets gaining particular popularity. The new robot dogs make a great alternative to real dogs being free of food costs and vet bills.

Unlike early generation AI robots, CHIP is adaptable to its owner and its immediate environment. These AI-based features lead to a significantly increased realism in dog-owner interactions. CHIP’s internal AI is based on the 2004 Robosapien robot, an initial model that was constantly developed over the past twelve years.

As a result of the developer’s extensive research, the AI robotic dog is highly similar to a real dog in terms of pet-owner interactions. Using the owner’s behavior to model its own, CHIP learns how to react depending on its owner preferences.

A number of recent AI innovations have been included in the AI of this robot dog, contributing, once more, to a markedly realistic behavior.

BeaconSense is a feature that allows CHIP to develop situational awareness. This means that it will detect what’s around and know its position in relation to immediate objects, avoiding unintentional contact.

In navigating its surrounding, this robotic toy dog also uses infrared vision to detect and avoid nearby objects.

CHIP models its behavior based on the interaction with its owner. This is possible because of the GestureSense technology, allowing the robotic dog to distinguish and respond to different types of gestures, including swipes, touches and claps. The wowwee chip review goes into much greater detail on these features.

Using Bluetooth connectivity and a number of specifically-designed apps, the owner can connect and communicate with CHIP via smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This considerably increases the dog-owner interaction range.

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