World of Internet Coin helps China to enter the Internet of Things 2.0 era

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Recently, it was reported that World of Internet Coin R&D team has successfully signed an agreement to realize this project with PBOC

Recently, it was reported by China’s relevant media said that World of Internet Coin R&D team has successfully signed an agreement to realize this project with PBOC. The R&D team together with Huawei, Ali, China Unicom, and other companies to build the services of Internet of Things platforms for retail, cross-border e-commerce, industry and medical care, the government, home, agriculture, etc, achieving interconnected platform, and comprehensively create the era of China’s Internet of Things 2.0.

It is reported that on the third Internet AI+ Blockchain Summit Forum in China, BOHUI CHEN, Dean of the Asian Blockchain Research Institute, pointed out that the Internet of Things industry itself is a very well-connected industry, although there must be some choke points and problems during its development, which is only the issue of industry and systemic. For security and privacy issues of the Internet of Things, he proposed that it can be applied to the Internet of Things system through blockchain technology, and it is widely supported by enterprises. Reports also announced that the WOIC ecosystem based on blockchain technology developed by the R&D team has entered the commercial stage. Since the foundation of the project, the project has cooperated with leading companies in the Internet-related fields.

Dean Chen talked about the basic public chain for the 5G digital economy era and focusing on application scenarios. The WOIC Internet of Things aims to realize the complex application scenario business chain by using the regional chain technology to help the digital economy industry development. Through a professional technical team, taking the safety, efficiency, capacity and throughput of the public chain as the entry point, combined with high technology, it is possible to make millions of transactions per second, improving the development efficiency of digital intelligent commerce, and booming the ecological development of blockchain industry. WOIC will use blockchain technology to build a network security and trust mechanism for terminal uplinks under 5G architecture to realize a high-throughput, low-latency, high-concurrency, low-power value ecosystem network, supporting future digital age big data uplink multi-source information exchanges, as well as diversified asset registration, exchange, interaction and flow, achieving a new economy that realizes the interconnection of all things, building a data world on the chain to contribute information profitability.

Internationally, leading companies in the Internet of Things is already actively deploying blockchains. According to the Forrester wave report, IBM, Huawei, Ali, Cisco, and Microsoft have become the dominant players in the IoT platform market. IBM, Microsoft, Huawei, and Ali all provide blockchain technology-related services on their IoT cloud platforms, providing an elastic resource pools for the future access to massive IoT devices. Nowadays, it is in the era of the explosive development of technology and the revolutionary wave of technology. The 5G network environment will greatly expand the demand for the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Things will develop in cross-border e-commerce, industry, agriculture, daily life, and transactions.

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