World Health organization announces a list of things to purchase in this crisis

Donald Trump announces list of things to have when quarantined at home during the coronavirus pandemic. He "states to Make a list today and keep everyones loved ones at home to prevent the spreading of this virus".

The World Health organization has officially declared the coronavirus a pandemic.

The outbreak that originated in Wuhan, China, has now killed more than 6000 people and infected more than 251,150 thousand. As the virus continues to spread, more people may be put under home quarantine or choose to self-isolate at home.

Hundreds of US citizens evacuated from China’s Hubei province, where the outbreak originated, have undergone mandatory 14- day quarantines on military bases across the US. And passengers who were aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which has been linked to hundreds of cases of COVID-19, were also placed under a two-week quarantine at Air Force bases in California.

The US Department of Homeland Security recommends stocking up enough food and water for two weeks before a pandemic strikes.

Dry goods like rice, pasta, beans, and oats should be the foundation of the stockpile, Alyssa Pike, a registered dietitian and manager of nutrition communications at the International Food Information Council, recently told Business Insider.

Americans are also stocking up on canned foods that contain liquid, such as tomatoes, beans, and tuna, according to Pike. The excess liquid can be used to cook dried food like rice and pasta.

The simple mouth and nose protector — a mask made of a rather thin paper fleece, which is knotted behind the head with ribbons – was formerly used almost exclusively in operating theaters.

Doctors and assistants wear this mouthguard primarily to prevent their patients on the operating table from being infected with germs and pathogens. If the wearer of the 3ply mask coughs or sneezes, for example, most of the droplets from the mouth and throat get caught in the mask.

In the long run, however, this only works if the mask is changed regularly and disposed of hygienically and safely. In surgery, doctors must change their mask at least every two hours. If, on the other hand, a mask of this type is worn repeatedly, it quickly loses its effectiveness.

It may sound simple, but regular and thorough hand washing is one of the best and easiest ways to protect oneself from the coronavirus, according to the CDC.

So remember to include hand soap and Purell hand sanitizer in the home quarantine kit.

Don’t forget other hygiene items such as toilet paper, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, feminine-care products, and diapers if someone has small children in the household.

Many Americans are buying all their essential needs from websites like-

If someone in the home uses a hearing aid, the American Red Cross advises stocking up on extra batteries.

Other miscellaneous medical supplies might include glasses, contact lenses, or syringes.

The coronavirus pandemic likely won’t affect the availability of drinking water in the US.

But people who live in areas with limited access to supplies should make sure they have a 14-day supply of water to last through a possible quarantine, Dr. Irwin Redlener, the director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University, told Jiang.

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