Workspaces With Wellbeing Focus High In Demand During And Post Covid-19

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Sydney based Third Spaces Australia confirm in an exclusive interview with Eleven Media the sharp rise of enquiry levels for their co-working eco-systems that feature wellbeing aspects as part of the offering.

Third Spaces Australia create urban villages that are inclusive eco-systems designed with the focus of people’s quality of life to stimulate positive feelings, belonging, and enable all experiencing it to thrive.

Tony Sambell, Founder of Third Spaces Australia said this when interviewed by Eleven Media, “We are delighted to see the sharp rise in enquiries from building owners for what we offer post the Covid-19 period. They are looking for repurposing their space opportunities with a flexible workspace combined with wellbeing features which we are known for. A similar trend is being seen from property developers seeking out custom designed work environments offering healthier features for the users in their new projects

We are known as a creator and co-operator of urban villages. Combining forces with well-established industry leaders in health clubs, serviced offices, childcare centres, healthy eating cafes, and more. We create spaces in a way that inspires people to experience the sense of belonging to live their best life”

Third Spaces Australia are taking the co-working spaceconcepts to the ‘next level’ with the inclusion of a full-service holistic gym and childcare facilities, as well as a healthy café and yoga, pilates, functional training and mindfulness studios. Something for everyone to better themselves and their lifestyle.

People can also enjoy the saving in commuting time of these life and work services being co-located and operated together, as one, contributing to an enhanced work-life balance

About Third Spaces Australia

Third Spaces Australia is an exclusive commercial building eco-system provider with people’s quality of life at its core. Proving not only high quality flexible work space but easy access to health and wellbeing services in one inspiring environment.

Third Spaces Australia works in partnership with leading industry partners that all share the same human-centred, eco-orientated and dynamic philosophy designed to support the user experience and wellbeing. Together, combining forces to repurpose spaces and holistically cater to people’s needs.

Partners include holistic health clubs, co-working spaces, childcare centres, healthy eating cafes, and more.

To learn more about Third Spaces Australia, visit their website here:

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