Workplace Harassment And Bullying Prevention Strategy For Managers Book Launched

UK-based author Josie Hastings has launched a new book which provides managers with strategies to identify and deal effectively with harassment and bullying in their teams or workplaces.

Josie Hastings, a UK-based experienced management trainer, adviser and coach, has launched her new book, ‘It Stops Now!’. Her book provides a practical and comprehensive guide for managers grappling with the issue of harassment, bullying or disrespectful behaviour in their team or place of work.

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The launch comes amid increasing awareness of the need for strategies to mitigate and cope with workplace behaviour concerns. A 2019 UK workplace survey by employment law specialists Kew Law reported 71% of employees saying they’d been bullied or witnessed bullying in the last three years. A 2019 study by in the US found 94% of employees saying they’d experienced bullying in the workplace.

It has never been more critical for managers to support their employees, maximise collaboration and minimise tensions in their teams. Subtle, less observable actions have replaced the more obvious forms of harassment and bullying at work nowadays. These passive-aggressive behaviours are far more problematic for managers to recognise, let alone deal with and can seriously undermine a team’s morale.

The author explains that the global pandemic has led to an increase in such behaviours. Employees have reported being excluded from meetings (both online and in-person), frozen out of WhatsApp or Facebook groups and bullied in video calls when no bystanders are present. Stressful conditions due to the pandemic have also magnified tensions between employees, leading to an increase in inappropriate comments denigrating individuals by phone, text or email.

Josie’s book is structured as a workable and logical toolkit that helps managers identify and deal effectively with a broad range of inappropriate workplace behaviours.

‘It Stops Now!’ provides models and strategies for supporting the recipients of harassment and bullying and tackling the perpetrators of the behaviour.

Examples include practical techniques that can be applied by any manager. The 4-step BIFF process helps employees address disrespectful behaviour themselves before it becomes a problem. The 5-stage ABCDE feedback model can help managers prepare for and then give feedback to an employee who’s been accused of harassment and bullying.

The book also provides practical tips on how to manage and carry out a facilitated meeting between employees to resolve complaints informally. and how to create a respectful work culture where harassment and bullying incidents rarely happen in the first place.

In an era when workplace harassment and bullying increasingly lead to legal challenges against the organisation and the individuals involved, managers need to know how to minimise liability and address situations confidently. In the US, employers paid out $68.2 million to employees alleging sexual harassment violations through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in 2019 alone.

Josie’s book capitalises on her more than 25 years of experience working as a trainer and management consultant across all business sectors, including engineering, manufacturing, retail, medical, dental, university, and corporate workplaces. She has also worked with a diverse range of employers both large and small including but not limited to: The BBC, British Airways, Buckingham Palace-The Royal Household, Ferrovial Construction, Marks and Spencer and the NHS.

She says she “loves engaging with organisations and managers who are working to eradicate harassment and bullying behaviours in their workplaces”. She wrote ‘It Stops Now!’ to “support those managers in their aims” and foster workplaces of respect, empathy and understanding.

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