Workout Recovery Nutrition Joint Health Guide For Older Athletes Launched

OG Nutrition has launched a new guide aimed at older athletes who are potentially missing out on important nutrients to help aid their sports performance and recovery.

OG Nutrition, a leading online provider of nutrition information and dietary advice, has launched a new guide specifically aimed at helping older athletes recover from workout sessions.

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The newly launched guide has been released by parkour specialist and army veteran Ryland Lanagan from OG Nutrition. He believes older athletes could better support their performance and recovery by ensuring certain nutrients are present in their diets.

As a minimum, older athletes are recommended to add to their diets the following: creatine, a pre-workout supplement, whey protein, BCAA’s recovery, and joint flex. The guide explains that as the body ages, the recovery process slows down, which means it may need extra nutritional support that it has not previously needed.

This is especially relevant to people who take part in high energy sports, events, and activities that require a lot of movement. The expert team behind OG Nutrition state there are no gimmicks in the guide, simply proven advice that works.

The aim of the guide is to help athletes perform better and recover faster with less muscle and joint soreness. The right nutritional support can help people stay lean and strong, regardless of their favored training approach or their age.

OG Nutrition says the guide is aimed at all athletes that are working hard to improve, maintain, gain, and level up their workout regime and fitness. They suggest many people interested in sports will take part in a range of exercises to ensure a full-body workout is achieved.

As such, the guide can be used by CrossFit trainers, boardriders, cyclists, military veterans, firefighters, yogis, and golfers.

A company representative said: “Many athletes are unintentionally hindering their performance and recovery by not paying attention to the nutrients in their diets. We aren’t talking about synthetic supplements that contain who knows what, we’re talking about nutrients that support the body and promote overall health.”

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