Worked for a Horrible Boss? Daane’s New Book Has Something for Them (And You).

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2020 Executive Coach of the Year Pens “Five Energies of Horrible Bosses and How Not to Become One.”

Award-Winning Executive Coach Marcel Daane has mentored thousands of bosses, good and bad, and even been a bad one himself. In his brand-new book, “Five Energies of Horrible Bosses and How Not to Become One,” he reveals how his early failures led him to create a powerful system that he has since used to help thousands of leaders (and their teams) achieve the success they want in work and life.

As a young adult, Marcel experienced repeated failure, clinical depression, alcoholism and finally became a horrible boss himself until he discovered the power of mind-body leadership. Today he’s a Professional Certified Coach and Neuroscientist with his own company, Headstrong Performance. Marcel is considered one of the world’s authorities in mind-body leadership.

In “Five Energies of Horrible Bosses and How Not to Become One,” Marcel shows how his holistic framework – a blend of Ancient Asian Energy Practices and Modern Western Science – helps anyone achieve better influence, connectedness, communication, and collaboration. The secret is energy.

“The fundamental difference that sets great bosses and teams apart from all others is the energy they generate and project onto others,” Marcel said. “Everything else is born from that energy.”

Marcel’s approach uses mindfulness, neuroscience, and body-awareness that inspires a way of being that empowers authenticity, openness, empathy, and trust. “My system not only helps people assess for themselves whether the type of energy they’re generating is serving them as a leader or boss,” Marcel said. “It also teaches them how to become a master of all five energies so they can ensure they will never, ever become a horrible boss.”

Marcel is the recipient of the 2012 Global HR Excellence Award in Leadership, the 2016 Global Coaching Leadership Award, and was voted 2020 Executive Coach of the Year in Singapore. He is the author of the critically-acclaimed book Headstrong Performance: Improve Your Mental Performance With Nutrition, Exercise, and Neuroscience. He holds a post-graduatedegree in the Neuroscience of Leadership from Middlesex University, an undergraduate degree in Complementary Medicine from Charles Sturt University, and advanced certifications in Executive Coaching, Fitness, and Sports Performance.

Marcel’s 30-year professional evolution has spanned serving in the military, developing elite athletes, coaching chronically ill patients, conducting neuro-leadership research, and in his executive coaching work, where he transforms today’s top managers into tomorrow’s top leaders. He wrote “Five Energies of Horrible Bosses and How Not to Become One” while helping his clients navigate the world of work during the Covid-19 pandemic, free of charge.

“Five Energies of Horrible Bosses and How Not to Become One,” published by Penguin Random House, is available wherever books are sold. It is also available via Amazon

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