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Y-Axis Immigration and Education (+6-1477-889-059), which maintains 40 offices across three countries - India, Australia, and UAE - has launched a report to educate prospective immigrants on the current rules and regulations for immigration visas among five select countries.

The company, which facilitates the application processes and resettlement arrangements for emigrating clients, has released the report to update people on the current climate and processes involved for the five top countries looking to attract and retain skilled labor.

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Y-Axis is one of the leading immigration assistance programs in the world. Its new report answers the questions of aspiring immigrants who have not yet chosen their desired destination for family resettlement.

Leading economies across the world are seeking highly qualified professionals who can help them fill vacancies and spur growth. The U.S., the UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany have all created migrant-friendly programs and laws to attract the best candidates and their families. These sought-after countries offer families a high standard of living, extensive benefits for residents, and a social welfare system managed by established institutions.

Canada is one of the world’s most migrant-friendly nations. Offering free healthcare, free education, and a strong social welfare system, Canada presents an appealing destination for migrants looking to settle with their families.

Australia’s immigration policies are among the most open and flexible. Since the country has such a large current demand for talent, now is a propitious time to apply to settle in the country. Australian cities such as Melbourne and Sydney consistently rank among the most livable cities in the world.

The UK Government has recently launched a variety of programs designed to attract professionals from trade, medical, engineering, and business backgrounds to apply for migration. The UK immigration process has recently become more streamlined with the introduction of a points-based system.

The competition for migrant visas to the U.S. is particularly difficult. The best chances for success are to find employment – typically via a firm that will sponsor the applicant’s visa application – or to invest in the U.S. as an entrepreneur.

Germany offers its residents superior social benefits including free healthcare, free college education, and retirement benefits for those who become citizens. The country provides for a temporary Jobseeker Visa and then the Working (Employment) Visa, which enables employed applicants to continue to work in Germany. This can then be converted to a residence permit. Eventually, residence permit holders may be able to apply for citizenship.

Factors such as an applicant’s eligibility, future plans, and current situation must all be considered to create a successful migration plan. A Y-Axis experienced migration professional can assist applicants in understanding their options, drafting petitions, obtaining permits, and guiding them through the process. The company, a Registered Migration Agent – RMA – in Sydney has been been helping international aspirants since 1999.

One recent client commented: “Highly recommend Y-Axis. Very professional and consistent support even during Covid times. Thanks for the assistance related to visas. Positive outcome.”

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