Wordplay Launches its Latest Training Program, “365 Day Copywriting Challenge”

Wordplay launches its latest training program that showcases persuasive copywriting as an everyday discipline for marketers to use in boosting sales conversions.

To address the growing demand of marketers to learn how to convert audiences into customers, Wordplay recently launched its 365 Day Copywriting Challenge program in Singapore.

The 365 Day Copywriting Challenge targets budding copywriters as its main participants. The program goes beyond the basics of copywriting that most marketers already use to gain more customers and increase sales conversions. It aims to make participants realise how persuasive copywriting is instrumental in achieving business goals no matter the type of marketing campaign they are using.

The complete package

Ronald Lye, Director of Wordplay, sees the program as a comprehensive approach to mastering copywriting. The training is built not only on the fundamentals of marketing and communications, but also on measurability.

“A successful marketing campaign is measured by business metrics like cost-per-customer acquisition,” he shared. “I believe that businesses should focus on these metrics to track their progress in hitting their KPIs, rather than obsessing with marketing metrics like engagement or cost-per-click.”

Inspired by shared challenges

Ronald Lye says that the inspiration behind the 365 Day Copywriting Challenge was drawn from his early experiences as a copywriter. He eventually saw that the issues he encountered back then happen to be the same concerns being faced by today’s marketers, copywriters, and business owners.

“I used to write in a journalistic style due to my background in mass communications,” he said when asked about what made him decide to create the program. “People didn’t see value in this writing approach because it doesn’t directly translate to tangible ROI. I had to learn how to run marketing campaigns, write persuasively, and become proficient in all areas of digital marketing, including email, Google, and Facebook.”

Ronald Lye is confident that with this program, aspiring copywriters and other interested parties become more equipped in breaking the barriers that stand in between them and their business goals.

Turning copywriting into a daily discipline

The 365 Day Copywriting Challenge is a full year program that includes provides participants with daily homework to practice their skills. Meetups are likewise held twice a month for peer review and collaborative exercises.

For Ronald Lye, this program intends to transform copywriters into “conversion powerhouses,” rather than provide quick fixes for business owners to generate more leads or garner sales fast.

About Wordplay

Wordplay is one of the top copywriting firms in Singapore, having achieved six-figure profit margins consistently since it started in January 2013. The company is likewise active in training SMEs in using direct response copywriting for traditional and digital marketing campaigns.

For more information, visit: https://www.wordplay.sg/

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