Worcester MA Solar Energy Contractor Launches Affordable Solar Power Solutions

Worcester, MA solar energy contractor Solar Pros announced the launch of its ultra-affordable solar energy solutions for homes. The residential solar power specialists design and install grid-connected and off-grid rooftop and pedestal-mounted solar arrays and power systems in the city.

Worcester, MA solar energy contractor Solar Pros announced the launch of its line of affordable solar energy products and services in the city. The firm specializes in cost-effective energy solutions for homes.

More information about Solar Pros is available at http://worcestersolarpros.com/

Residential solar power solutions represent a significant investment in a property, increasing its value, enabling a homeowner to contribute to the local power grid and lower costs through state and national rebates. Solar energy is also renewable and sustainable, lowering a home’s carbon footprint.

Performance and affordability are key considerations that influence the purchase of solar energy systems. Solar Pros focuses on providing residential solutions that meet these considerations.

The company provides installation and maintenance services for residential photovoltaic cell arrays. Solar Pros provides pedestal-mounted panel arrays to power backup power systems that complement grid power and roof-mounted panels that enable the installation of larger arrays that can power a home and return power to the local power grid.

The company’s expert technicians are equipped with a working knowledge of the capabilities and performance of solar power systems to answer customer queries.

According to a spokesperson for the Worcester, MA residential solar power specialists, “Our end-to-end domestic solar power services are designed to help homeowners enjoy the benefits of off-grid and grid-connected solar energy. We are delighted to offer our expertise in and around the city, providing efficient installation and follow-up services.”

Customized power system installations are preceded by a detailed quotation, a requirements assessment, and a thorough site inspection. Other services from the company include grid rebate assistance to help customers receive energy rebates for the use of solar power.

Solar Pros is a residential solar power company specializing in the design and installation of custom solar systems. More information is available over the phone at 508-714-7505 and at the URL above.

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