Worcester MA Naprapathy Gentle Fascia Body Work Holistic Health Service Launched

Dr. Kristen Poe, a holistic health practitioner, announces her updated gentle fascia body work services for clients in Worcester, MA. The services reduce pain and improve mobility.

Holistic health practitioner, Kristen Poe, Ph.D., announces her updated naprapathy services for clients in Worcester, Massachusetts. The gentle fascia body work reduces pain caused by poor posture, minor injuries, or other chronic body issues.

More details can be found at https://www.poeholistichealth.com

The newly updated gentle fascia body work restores mobility in patients without pharmaceutical medications. As a holistic health practitioner, Dr. Poe guides her clients towards overall wellness by empowering them to make appropriate lifestyle changes and remedying illnesses with noninvasive procedures.

Unlike conventional therapy, holistic health therapy promotes overall health by looking at the body as a whole.Dr. Poe helps her clients by evaluating their holistic health history and then using alternative health practices to help them recover.

Dr. Poe updated her naprapathy services to address the growing number of patients who are suffering from mild to moderate chronic pain in their lower back or neck. Naprapathy relieves muscle tension and pain using gentle hand manipulation and nutritional counseling. Over time and with consistent treatment, the gentle fascia body work can improve range of motion, reduce the occurrence of headaches, and increase circulation and blood flow.

The holistic health practitioner regularly attends the latest holistic health summits to ensure that her techniques and strategies are up to date and aligned with the health community. This ensures that each client receives the newest, fact-based strategies on holistic health and can begin their journey towards wellness properly.

Naprapathy can be used for musculoskeletal conditions, chronic headaches and migraines, sciatica, neck and back pain, and Achilles tendinitis, among others. Dr. Poe recommends that clients schedule an exploratory appointment with her to determine the best treatment plan for them.

Apart from naprapathy, Dr. Poe also offers holistic health plans, lifestyle management strategies, chronic condition and illness management, allergy system relief, and nutritional deficiency and intolerance testing.

With her updated gentle fascia body work, Dr. Poe continues her mission of promoting overall wellness through alternative methods.

Dr. Poe wrote, “Naprapathy is appropriate for people seeking a gentler, more conservative means to pain and discomfort relief before considering pharmaceuticals and surgical interventions.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.poeholistichealth.com

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