Woodworking Experts Blumer & Stanton Warn Against Using Cheap Crown Mouldings

Crown moulding adds the finishing touch to old and new homes. Installing inexpensive crown mouldings constructed from cheap materials can result in costing homeowners more time and money, says woodworking company Blumer & Stanton.

Los Angeles, California – October 17th, 2017

Many homeowners opt for putting crown moulding in their homes as the finishing touch in new and older homes. However, installing inexpensive crown mouldings in a home could end up costing more time and money in the long run says woodworking company Blumer & Stanton. Since wood crown mouldings attach with finish nails or finish screws to both the ceiling plate and to the wall studs, Blumer & Stanton recommends people to consider using real wood crown mouldings while sprucing up their homes for a rich transition from wall to ceiling.

Blumer & Stanton, a South Florida based company that mills custom wood crown mouldings, has recently expanded their offerings on Amazon with their beautiful decorative crown molding. A company spokesperson states, The “Decorative Cut Crown Moulding is easy to install, saves time and energy during installation, and is custom milled from real poplar wood.” Blumer & Stanton’s Decorative Cut Crown Moulding is more durable than MDF, poly, foam, urethane, or plastic mouldings which are constructed from cheap materials. The company spokesperson adds, “Cheap materials make a cheap impression, and nothing makes an impression like real wood.”

Furthermore, Blumer & Stanton’s very decorative crown molding can give a room a finished and polished appearance. The Blumer & Stanton spokesperson adds, The “Decorative Cut Crown Moulding prevents the frustration of installing a multi-piece combination crown moulding because the mid-section relief provides a defined and stepped transition between the cove at the bottom and the subtle S-curve at the top. This creates the appearance of a multi-piece combination moulding due to this prominent break between its features. It can be easily installed in a single day and will last decades versus using cheap mouldings constructed from cheap materials.”

Blumer & Stanton warns people against using mouldings made from MDF as they are known to split when being nailed or screwed during installation. The Blumer & Stanton spokesperson notes, the “Decorative Cut Crown Moulding are sold and shipped in 8’0” lengths with 8 pieces, preferred by professional carpenters, and provide warmth to a room which cannot be achieved by using poly products.” Polyurethane mouldings seem fine from a distance, but don’t appear like the real thing when seen from up close.

People who are interested in knowing more about Blumer & Stanton or their products can visit their website or Amazon.

About Blumer & Stanton, Inc:

Blumer & Stanton Enterprises is located in West Palm Beach, Florida, and was established in 1946. Blumer & Stanton primarily operates in the Millwork business, making quality custom woodwork. For over 71 years, the company has had the privilege of serving South Florida’s distinguished and quality-conscious builders with custom architectural woodwork, entryways, cabinets, columns, doors, shutters, and wood moulding profiles – from elegant upscale residences to high-end commercial projects. For decades, Blumer & Stanton has been widely recognized as an innovative and leading manufacturer of crown mouldings.


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