Woodbridge Virginia Embroidery And Screen Printing Company Launches New Online T-Shirt Design Application

All Star Sports, a sports equipment and customized sportswear company in Virginia, has launched a new online design feature. From their website, customers can design new shirts, jerseys, and more.

All Star Sports, recently launched its new application for designing shirts online. With this new design studio, customers can experiment with colors, designs, patterns, images, and layers to create the best shirt for their sports team. The user-friendly application allows anyone to design a shirt on the website, no matter their technological skills. In addition to T-shirts, the new design feature allows users to create customized business wear, hoodies and sweatshirts, jerseys, and long sleeve shirts. 

The webpage has been created with the design features embedded, giving website visitors a wide variety of customization options. There are 57 colors available to choose from for any product design. Artwork can be chosen from a large database of saved clip art, design ideas, or designs and art created and uploaded by the customer. Text can also be added to the shirt with many different fonts and with customized sizing and spacing. The shape of the text is also alterable, ranging from arched or sloped to bulging in the middle. 

Despite its name, All Star Sports doesn’t only offer sports designs. Their database of saved clip art and designs also includes options for trendy shirts, religious shirts, holiday shirts, military shirts, and more. The company also has designs for first responder shirts, including lifeguard designs, sheriff department designs, and more.

“We do a lot of sports and league designs, but we also provide for numerous other groups, such as corporations, non-profit organizations, causes, families, governments, clubs, and more,” says Brian Dull, in charge of administration, retail, and sales at All Star Sports. “We’re really excited that the online Design Studio is now available for anyone who wants more control over the design process, giving them the ability to brainstorm ideas. And, it’s online, making it convenient and available whenever they want to play with it and have access to the internet – they can be in the comfort of their home, in a coffee shop, on the field with the team, or even in an office meeting, working in the Design Studio to create their perfect custom apparel or equipment.”

After the designs and text are added and the shirt color is chosen, customers have the option to finalize or to continue customizing. One of the features that the design webpage offers is the ability to design in layers. If a customer wants their slogan to be superimposed over their mascot, for example, then All Star Sports gives them that possibility. The site also allows users to zoom in on their designs for a closer look at detail and gives the option for duplicating or saving the design for use on other products at a later date. If a client comes up with some original artwork that they decide not to use, for example, that artwork can be saved into their account. 

All Star Sports began in 1985 in Dale City, Virginia. It was founded by Dolan Dull, a retired Army veteran, who originally ran the company from a retail store, with some of the equipment in Dolan Dull’s garage. The growth of the surrounding city and the emergence of little leagues, businesses, schools, and church groups necessitated the expansion of the store into the operation that it is today, with the entirety of the decorating process in the same building as the retail store.

All Star Sports recognized the growing use of the internet and decided to take a leap to become competitive in the online market. In addition, offering the Design Studio online gives current and potential customers even more control in the design process.

To see the Design Studio, or for more information, please visit: AllStarSportsInfo.com. In addition to the Design Studio, All Star Sports also offers in-house digitizing and embroidery that is not yet available on the website. For these requests, please email: orders@allstarsportsinfo.com.

About All Star Sports

For over 25 years, All Star Sports has been providing sporting goods, screen printing, embroidery, team outfitters, and more. Located in Woodbridge, Virginia, All Star Sports happily serves customers with team uniforms and equipment, as well as corporate and business apparel, and always strives to meet their customers’ expectations. For more information, please visit: AllStarSportsInfo.com.

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