Women’s Personal Safety Lipstick Pepper Spray Diversion Safe Kit Launched

SafeFamilyLife has launched a new Personal Safety Kit for women to feel better protected at home and in the streets. It contains high quality Shopzilla World products and guides to help women gain control in unfortunate situations.

A new Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for Women has been launched, helping to promote better peace of mind while out and about. Shopzilla World is a renowned online store specializing in high quality protective and safety equipment, and the new kit is designed to ensure women can stay safer on the streets.

More information can be found at: https://shopzillaworld.com.

Shopzilla World explains that women have long been considered the weaker sex, much to the protestations of feminists everywhere. Unfortunately, this stereotype exists even today in the 21st century, which might offer an insight into why violent crimes against women are at an all time high.

All women live with a certain amount of risk when it comes to crime. Research shows that a 21-year-old woman today has a one in four chance of having a violent crime committed against her. These crimes range from the shocking to the intrusive.

Many people are nervous about walking the streets at night, but what can often be even scarier is the prospect of crimes committed against women happening in their own home. No one should have to worry about their own personal safety in the place where they should feel the safest.

However, the answer to combating crime isn’t as difficult as some people might think. All women can benefit from self defense hints and tips. The new Ultimate Personal Safety Kit for women by SafeFamilyLife combines high quality Shopzilla World products with instructional DVDs and manuals, along with new, extensively researched reports into special purpose kits.

The new safety kit is an innovative, unique approach unlike anything that is currently available in the personal security field. It was created to give people the power they need, so that they can be in control when placed in a precarious situation.

It was specifically structured to keep women safer while at home or out around the streets. Some of the items include pepper spray, lipstick sprays, a diversion safe, and an electronic pocket whistle.

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