Womens Chronic Illness Coaching & Support Resource Sessions Launched

Online coaching company Arva International has launched new coaching services for women with chronic illness. The aim of the coaching sessions is to help women reclaim their lives while living with chronic illness.

Professional coaching company Arva International has launched new services for women with chronic illnesses to help them improve their quality of life. The company offers online professional coaching sessions focusing on different topics; ‘healthy you’, ‘healthy family’, ‘healthy finances’ and ‘healthy home’.

More information can be found here: http://www.arva-intl.com

The company’s main ethos is that ‘you are not your illness’. Women dealing with chronic illnesses can feel alone, overwhelmed and lost. The coaching services are intended to help women achieve their goals and find happiness while living with their illness.

The sessions focus on four key areas. The first, ‘healthy you’, focuses on how women can get support and answers on how to get back to a level of normalcy while making sense of treatment options, feeling emotionally drained and losing hope.

The second topic focuses on family. Often women with chronic illnesses feel misunderstood, guilty for being a burden or just longing to do normal things with their loved ones. In the second topic, the coaches will delve deeper into the emotional side of the family struggle to help women overcome this feeling of isolation.

Finances can be a major worry when dealing with chronic illness. The stress of finances on top of treatment, family obligations and feeling unwell can have a huge affect on energy levels. In the third topic, the coaches will go into financial territory and work with women to help them find a realistic solution.

Daily tasks and housework can get pushed to the side and the balance of chores, work, doctor’s appointments and relationships can seem impossible. The fourth and final topic of the Arva coaching sessions will help women achieve this sought after balance and give them the support and tools to maintain it in their daily lives.

In addition to the full coaching package, a free 30-minute discovery coaching session is available as well as an introductory 60-minute coaching session for women to start their journey of reclaiming their lives during chronic illness. More information can be found at the link above.

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