Women Sellers In eCommerce – Business Training Mastermind Launched

eCommerce specialist Ashley Armstrong The Hidden Rules Expert® announced that The Hidden Rules Network is now available for women sellers. This Mastermind provides the tools to achieve eCommerce success.

Female eCommerce expert Ashley Armstrong The Hidden Rules Expert® announced the launch of The Hidden Rules Network, a new training and mentorship mastermind for women in eCommerce. Ashley is an international best-selling author, eCommerce authority and the go-to expert for national tv and media.

More information can be found at http://www.thehiddenrulesnetwork.com

With the new announcement, Ashley is dedicated to helping women in eCommerce grow their business, meet like minded professionals and remain competitive in the fastest growing industry due to the COVID pandemic.

Running a successful eCommerce business can be a very difficult task. In fact, according to a recent study, the failure rate of startups in 2019 was around 90%. A lot has to do with how isolating this business is and having no one to bounce ideas or strategies off of.

This task is even more difficult for women sellers as the eCommerce space is extremely male dominated. Thus, it is common for women to feel like they are not getting the support they need, they are not understood or heard, limiting their ability to grow their businesses.

Ashley Armstrong understands the daily struggles of women who have to balance their eCommerce business, life, children, and husbands. That is why she created The Hidden Rules Network For Women in eCommerce. This new Mastermind provides women sellers with direct access to expert advice without having to pay Ashley’s private client fees of $75,000.

The Hidden Rules Network also aims to become a safe space for women who have already paid for a high ticket training program, now they just want answers. Members will learn the hidden rules when selling on Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, as well as their own website.

They will also learn how to scale and grow their business with less stress.

Additional information about the program can be found at https://ashley-armstrong-hidden-rules.medium.com/why-women-entrepreneurs-in-ecommerce-need-their-own-support-group-mastermind-d3c81dfe10ee

In addition, Ashley has over 22 guest experts from all areas of the industry, including celebrity guests like Forbes Riley who has sold 22 billion dollars in products. They will speak directly to her community and answer some of their most important questions live, on a monthly basis.

A satisfied member said: “Ashley was recently on Viral Launch’s Podcast with Cameron Yoder. It was like she was speaking directly to me and my business, and I was keen to learn more, so I joined her offer. She is an absolute wealth of knowledge in the e-commerce space. And the best part is she is passionate about graciously sharing her insight.”

Interested parties can find more by visiting https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/365120

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