Women Entrepreneurs – New Inner Peace and Healing Global Event Launched

PEACE: The PULSE of Humanity (PPH), a division of The Performance Coaching Team, a Business Coaching firm based in Burlington, Ontario has launched a Global Conference to learn about Inner Peace and Healing for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

Burlington, Ontario-based coaching firm, PEACE: The PULSE of Humanity (PPH), has launched a Global Conference to learn about Inner Peace and Healing for Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

More details are available at https://pulseofpeace.com

This Conference is part of the firm’s continued efforts to provide Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners the tools to access their creativity and strategic thinking so that they empower their team to become a better version of themselves.

While many women entrepreneurs struggle to balance life and business, this firm uses a combination of methods to provide outlets to find and understand the causes of internal turmoil to help employers and employees find a peaceful, relaxed work environment that fosters creativity.

Besides this, the firm offers coaching on stress management, time management and organization, team empowerment, commitment management or additional products/services that support their growth. The firm manages a Membership Program that provides access to training, video recordings of the Live Event and more.

Women Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Solopreneurs can expect changes in both personal and professional relationships, improved employee retention and reduced levels of stress. All of it contributing to better business practices and growth.

The firm’s method guides Business owners to their next level of business, whether that means better employee relationships, growing the business, hiring more people or better Vendor relationships.

With this Event, PEACE: The PULSE of Humanity (PPH) provides women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners one more option to start a journey of self-discovery and growth that can potentially change the lives of everyone around them.

Mimi Thrasher, the firm’s Founder said: “Develop your creativity as well as your strategic thinking. Bring peace to your life regardless of the chaos around you by discovering the path to self-discovery. Help children develop a sense of inner peace. Set the example you want them to follow in the world. Become an accomplished, fulfilled, and intentional person. When individuals have inner peace, the world has outer peace.”

Interested parties can visit the website at: https://pulseofpeace.com.

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