Women and Men the Slider Stun Gun Launches 4/26/16

Stun Gun Florida announced the availability of their new Slider Stun Gun "Slider Stun Gun" beginning 4/26/16. More information can be found at http://stungunflorida.com/slider-3-million-volt-stun-gun-flashlight-4-9-milliamps/.

Customers looking for the latest Slider Stun Gun will soon be able to purchase Slider Stun Gun by Stun Gun Florida. Today Jon Good, Owner at Stun Gun Florida releases details of Slider Stun Gun’s development.

Slider Stun Gun

Slider Stun Gun is designed to appeal specifically to Women and Men and includes:

3 Million Volt Slider Stun Gun – This feature was included because Small in size and easy to conceal . This is great news for the consumer as It will give anyone more confidence when they are alone..

3 million volt slider stun gun looks like a USB flash drive – This was made part of the product, since an attacker cant tell its a stun gun until its to late.. Customers who buy Slider Stun Gun should enjoy this feature because The attacker wont know its a stun gun..

It has 4.9 milliamps – Stun Gun Florida made sure to make this part of the Slider Stun Gun’s development as This is the highest amperage for a stun gun. Customers will likely appreciate this because It has the same stopping power as a 9mm hand gun. This gives anyone the power to stop an attacker and disable them long enough to get away or call for help.

Jon Good, when asked about Slider Stun Gun said:

“3 million volt slider stun gun and flashlight”

This is Stun Gun Florida’s twenty first release of a new product and Jon Good is particularly excited about this release because the slider stun gun gives people more selection and lower prices. The slider stun gun is available in five colors and has a flashlight.

Those interested in learning more about the business can do so on the business website at http://stungunflorida.com/slider-3-million-volt-st…

Those interested in purchasing can go directly to the product listing, here: http://stungunflorida.com/slider-3-million-volt-st…

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