Woman-owned Small Business Raises Funds for Kids Fighting Cancer During Pandemic

A new woman-owned business opens doors during the COVID-19 pandemic and spearheads a campaign to help a kid's cancer charity bringing in support from her community.

Campaign OAATSalon Elysian collaborated with their local community to raise over $1200 in a single workday to help Children fighting life-threatening illnesses such as Cancer.

Salon Elysian owner, Diane Zeidan says they’ve always admired Campaign OAAT and the work they do helping children fighting life-threatening illnesses like cancer and wanted to give back.

“Being a new business opening in the pandemic was a rough process. We were inspired to help others in need because we got a lot of support ourselves during this time. When small businesses rally for their community, the community rallies for small businesses. We’re all one community we should be able to help each other out. It all comes back around.”

Small businesses all over the U.S were struggling during the COVID-19 Pandemic as were charities. With a day’s work, this small business was about to help send support to over 40 kids who were stuck in isolation as they fought cancer. It’s not just the charity that benefited from this effort. Diane noticed how excited her customers were to participate.

“People were really excited and happy to participate. People took advantage of the opportunity to receive service and support kids with cancer at the same time. We gained more customers and we worked with our community to give back. It’s a win-win.”

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. According to the SBA, small businesses account for 44 percent of economic activity in the United States and create two-thirds of new jobs. These businesses are also responsible for a large amount of local support. According to score.org, small businesses donate 250% more to local community causes and local non-profits than large businesses do. This means that small businesses have a great impact on the success of local charities and according to the experience of Diane Zeidan and her salon, local patrons are more than happy to support these micro collaborations.

About Salon Elysian:

Salon Elysian was founded in 2021 in Belmont, California and serves the Hair Salon industry. It is known for being Woman-owned and operated by a young businesswoman, Diane Zeidan.

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