Wollongong Cosmetic Surgeon Interview on Expectations & Misinformation Released

Wollongong's Ignite Medispa has released an extensive article with its Medical Director, Dr. Niro Sivathasan. The interview covers What To Consider BEFORE Having Any Cosmetic Procedure or Surgery.

Ignite Medispa of Wollongong, NSW, Australia has released an extensive interview with their Medical director, Aesthetic surgeon Dr. Niro Sivathasan. The interview goes into detail with Dr. Sivathasan about unrealistic expectations and misinformation surrounding cosmetic surgery and just what to consider BEFORE having any cosmetic procedure or surgery performed.

More information can be found by visiting: https://ignitemedispa.com.au/beautiful-news

This interview is intended to provide a psychological understanding about what to realistically expect from cosmetic surgery. It goes into depth about the mental and emotional mindset necessary of both the patient and the physician involved with aesthetic surgery.

First and foremost, Dr. Sivathasan explains how he manages his clients’ expectations, and what they must understand before going under the knife. In the interview, he discusses how vital it is for the surgeon to fully understand the patient’s aims and lifestyle and their reasons for wanting the particular surgery.

How the patient currently views him or herself before the procedure is critical in understanding their mental landscape and their underlying reasons for choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery. It is Dr. Sivathasan’s opinion that in order to proceed with cosmetic surgery, a frank and honest discussion must be had.

He believes it is the doctor’s ethical duty to discuss viable options to facilitate informed content, and to help the patient make the decision that is right for them. This conversation will include the pros and cons of various choices, including not having anything done at all.

It’s important for the doctor to ascertain whether or not the client has realistic expectations, as their satisfaction with the end result relies heavily on their own self-perception and level of expectation. Dr. Sivathasan also tries to gain insight into where his patients see themselves in the future, so that any surgery performed today will be appropriate in the years to come.

Ignite Medispa is a relaxation spa and cosmetic surgery practice situated in the Wollongong Private Hospital. They strive to achieve excellence and work hard to exceed ethical and professional standards.

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