Wolf Face Mask Collection – 2022 Street Fashion Face Covering Design Launched

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Luxury streetwear brand Rekanize has announced the launch of its face mask collection which features unique and expressive designs for individuals looking for face coverings to exude confidence while representing their personal style.

The newly released face mask collection includes a range of three wolf-inspired designs that include claw marks and the Rekanize crest, as well as various color options for customers to choose from.

More information is available at https://rekanize.com/product-category/face-masks

With the new masks, the brand has further added to its empowering product lines that also include clothing, footwear, and accessories, with a focus on instilling confidence in its wearers.

While the pandemic has meant that wearing face masks in public is a health requirement, this has also led to a loss of individuality for those looking to express themselves, due to traditional face masks becoming commonplace. Furthermore, this loss of identity can cause feelings of low motivation and drive. Rekanize is giving the power back to its customers with its newly launched range of expressive face masks.

The mask collection includes the minimalist claw mark design, which represents the power of the wearer, as well as designs featuring a wolf’s face and the brand’s crest. By incorporating the brand’s logo, the face masks also allow customers to represent their respect and loyalty to others who follow the brand’s message of confidence and empowerment.

Each of the masks within the collection is made using soft and breathable lycra, with adjustable straps and nose clips to create a comfortable fit for wearers. Additionally, the masks come with filters that provide double protection against airborne particles such as dust, pollen, and other contaminants.

Rekanize was founded in Brooklyn by Althea Robotham, who wanted to develop a brand that embodied the feeling of confidence, power, and courage. By incorporating this theme into all their designs, the company helps empower its customers to feel inspired to work towards their dreams while disregarding any negativity that may come from those around them.

In addition to their face masks, the company’s product range covers everything from T-shirts and sneakers to bags, bandanas, and stickers.

A spokesperson for Rekanize said, “We trigger a self-reliant frame of mind using fashion.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://rekanize.com/product-category/face-masks

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