Wise Token Cryptocurrency Project Decentralized Financial Opportunity Launched

A decentralized cryptocurrency has been launched that gives the average person an opportunity to safely move capital into tokens that protect them from depreciating national currencies.

The Wise Cryptocurrency project has been launched to give those without a college degree an opportunity to capitalize on the world’s move into decentralized finance. Most cryptos were designed to benefit those with advanced degrees in programming and the teams that created the various cryptocurrency tokens.

For further details see https://wisetrustlessinterest.today/wise-4a30b

The creators of Wise launched this crypto project with those who had capital but did not have an inside track or the advantage of an advanced education. They designed it so the typical buyer was not slighted by the typical unfair advantages that gives teams, founders, and specially selected investors most of the profits.

Wise was built for the average retail investor who may have accumulated wealth through the ownership of a small business. It is also a suitable investment for the millions who have simply saved a portion of their paycheck aside and are now looking for a safe way to become involved in cryptocurrency.

Wise was built with economic decentralization in mind. There are no founders fees in Wise and no special reserves of 30 to 80 percent of all the tokens reserved for the development team. There is no exclusive early investment stage offering discounted tokens to insiders leaving those without advanced degrees and inside knowledge shut out of the majority of profits generated.

Wise set up a non-profit foundation in February of 2020. This foundation has the sole source of funds for the development of the Wise contract. The development of websites, related software, and professional third-party code were all financed under the umbrella of this non profit foundation.

Investing in Wise for the non-college-educated individual has been simplified into just three simple steps. Participants add the metamask add-on to the chrome browser and purchase some ethereum, a stable cryptocurrency. Once the metamask wallet is installed common, average people can connect directly to the company website and safely buy Wise with their ethereum.

A company spokesman said, “To make things completely fair for the average non university educated but capitalized person the amount of available WISE tokens offered on random supply days is determined shortly after the end of that day. On random supply days, even the WISE developers won’t know how much supply is offered until that day ends.”

During the launch of Wise, buyers earn an extra 10% bonus on any amount of Wise tokens they bid on before December 30, 2020.

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Release ID: 88987152