Wise, A Cryptocurrency Token Suitable For High Net Worth Individuals Launched

The WISE project, a cryptocurrency, is inviting people with a million dollars or more to participate in its launch. The product gives participants great upside potential for their investment.

The Wise Foundation has launched an investment opportunity for high net worth individuals. This decentralized finance currency gives high net worth individuals a safeguard against fiat currencies and potential returns not available in other investment mediums.

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The launch of the Wise Foundation provides high net worth individuals a global and open alternative to the financial system that is in place today. Individuals who possess a minimum of one million dollars in liquid assets are invited to do their due diligence and become involved in this opportunity if it suits their investment temperament.

The Wise Foundation is providing a global and open alternative to the financial system that is in place today.

The decentralized finance crypto market has exploded to several billions of dollars of aggregate market cap over a very short period of a few months. The decentralized finance market is populated by two extremes of either crypto savvy technical individuals with small amounts of funds to invest, typically under USD 1,000, or large players (whales) with access to hundreds of millions of dollars including major international banks.

The Wise Foundation has now opened to those that lay between these two extremes. That represents over a trillion dollars in assets that could be deployed to make this a solid and long-lasting cryptocurrency investment project.

The Wise decentralized finance token project is a choice for the segment of the population that has a million dollars or more to invest in a project that has competitive upside potential. The huge liquidity pool allows for a faster asset turn around than any traditional banking investment asset class or cryptocurrency.

Wise decentralized finance token participants in this one million dollar plus category will enjoy access to great tax liability planning opportunities. Investors have flexible geographical location possibilities and characteristics normally afforded to users of decentralized financial market instruments.

Wise is inviting high net worth individuals to place a percentage of their liquid assets into the Wise project which has the potential of realizing returns that may be much higher than traditional vehicles. A company spokesman said, “The Wise decentralized finance project is at the leading edge of the current explosion of activity in the overall cryptocurrency market.”

The launch of this opportunity for high net worth individuals gives them a vehicle that could protect and provide them with a degree of wealth that surpasses most traditional avenues.

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