Wisconsin Stem Cell offers bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy.

Bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy offers alternative treatment options to patients in the Wisconsin area that are suffering from chronic pain. Patients who want to learn if they are qualified for stem cell therapy should contact Wisconsin Stem Cell to learn more.

Chronic pain conditions affect millions of individuals across America. They can be debilitating and have the potential to severely impact a sufferer’s quality of life. When chronic pain makes even the simplest of daily activities a struggle, it becomes time to seek help. Unfortunately, for many, they are provided with limited options which are frequently confined to surgery or using prescription pain medication to mask the pain which does nothing to the underlying causes of pain. Symptom management is no way to handle a chronic pain condition and invasive surgeries can leave sufferers with long recovery periods which is not an option for many members of the workforce. Luckily, there are alternative treatment options that are available for qualified patients, one of which is bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy which is offered by Wisconsin Stem Cell.

Bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy utilizes the stem cells that are found in bone marrow to spur on the body’s natural healing and regenerative abilities. Stem cells have strong regenerative properties that can work alongside the body to repair and restore damaged or degenerative cells and tissue. By working to repair the sources of pain, patients aren’t simply masking their symptoms with a variety of prescription pain medications. This has numerous benefits to the patient as there is the possibility that they will be fully healed. Stem cell procedures are also minimally invasive when compared to surgeries and many are performed as outpatient treatments which lowers potential recovery times.

Patients that think they may be qualified for bone marrow-derived stem cell therapy should contact Wisconsin Stem Cell to set up a consultation and learn more about the treatments as well as the wide variety of chronic pain conditions that can be treated through the use of stem cell therapy. Their staff is expertly trained and knows the ins and outs of stem cell therapy. No person should have to suffer through chronic pain. Contact Wisconsin Stem Cell today to get on the road to better health and wellness.

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