Wisconsin Motor Parts Liquid & Powder Stainless Steel Coatings Site Updated

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LS Wilson has launched a new version of her site showcasing how she can help customers turn their problems into solutions. She offers products ranging from stainless steel coatings, cleaning solutions, motors, and more.

Lisa Wilson, of LS Wilson & Associates, has launched a new version of her official website and offers over 21 years of experience helping customers identify their needs. She connects customers with the correct and most appropriate company based on the customers need.

More information can be found at: https://stainlessprotect.com

Her current products include liquid and powder stainless steel coatings, different types of chemicals for cleaning and pre-treating metal, rust and paint removers, cleaners for part and power washers, synthetic and semi-synthetic grease, oil and lubricants.

She has over 37 years’ experience in the field, between purchasing & selling all types of commodities such as castings, metal stampings, non metallic stampings, injection, thermoset, and insert molding, complete motors, shafts, machined parts, armatures, brushcards, etc.

The new site explains that LS Wilson & Associates is a manufacturers technical sales representative company based in Southeast Wisconsin. The firm specializes in motors, stainless steel coatings, surface preparation products, and industrial cleaning solutions.

An in-depth knowledge of all the products she sells means that LS Wilson can help the customer quickly and easily identify what they need.

Whether they have a problem with their products, have rust, or their paint is no longer holding up, LS Wilson can help. For example, she can provide a rust remover and Steel Plus CE316 Liquid Water Based Eco Friendly Paint that dries quickly.

This means that customers can remove rust, clean and paint all in one day. What’s more, if they have a cleaner that’s no longer doing the job, she can get Solutions Plus to develop a cleaner that will work and be tailored to the customers’ unique situation.

It’s this commitment to getting the best results for each customer that sets LS Wilson apart. She can provide customers with stainless steel paint for food processing equipment and other highly corrosive settings, along with surface metal preparation cleaners, and complete motors of all types.

She prides herself on helping customers turn their problems into solutions. She states: “I can help you identify the correct product or company. I will manage your project or help you resolve your issues from beginning to end.”

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