Wireless Underwater Drone For Fishing Price: BW Space Pro 4K Zoom Camera Model

Youcan Robot announced the launch of BW Space underwater drone for fishing and live-streaming. The new innovative device features 6x optimal zoom lens. Users can control the drone via an iOS/Android app or via their Smartphone or tablet.

A new underwater drone BW Space Pro for fishing and live-streaming by Youcan Robot has been released. This design centric product is the smartest and most affordable underwater drone with a 4K camera on the market. The device features a 6x zoom lens, a feature that is so far nonexistent in products from competitors.

More information is available at http://letsgolook.at/bwspace .

The developers behind this powerful underwater drone pride themselves on re-thinking the UUV drone technology for both beginner and professional.

The new version allows any user to capture beautiful high-quality underwater photos by utilizing the BW Space’s auto-adjusting lightining and auto-pilots mode. The drone helps users to create clear and stunning photography. The trasmission signal between the commander and the device is stable.

The device is small and lightweight: it enables users to dive deeper and explore a new realm under the water with the 4K zoom drone. The multi-sensor integration algorithm aids precise depth hovering in different directions.

The impact of the four bi-directional thrusters featured in thte BW Space Pro is simply amazing. The camera can shoot even while the device is in motion at plus or minus 45 (±45) degrees pitch angles. Users can enjoy an increased flexibility as well as new opportunities for creating powerful videos and very beautiful still images.

Compared to previous version and other similar products out there, the innovative Space Pro is also notable for its enhanced image stabilization feature. This feature ensures smoother underwater video shooting, ultimately delivering professional image quality to the user.

It can be used for filming, live broadcasting, marine explorations, aquaculture, and more. BW Space Pro empowers users to get close-ups of marine creatures without being at a closer proximity with their target.

The BW Space Pro 4K zoom offers a dynamic perspective. Its 1.8 inch sensor and the 6 X zoom lens create greater safety effectiveness and lead to more creative opportunities.

This compact model can descent to a maximum depth of 100 meters (330 ft). When the BW Space Pro 9,600-mAh lithium battery has been fully charged, the drone should reportedly be good for an average of four hours of use.

Learn more about this powerful innovative device at http://letsgolook.at/bwspace .

Release ID: 88935886