Wireless Deer Fence And Deer Repellent Non Toxic Training System Launched

Wireless Deer Fence has released its upgraded patented wireless deer fence technology and deer repellent training system. The system uses electrode posts that deliver a mild electrical shock to the deer, creating a psychological deterrent.

Wireless Deer Fence, a deer repellent technology company launched an upgrade of its patented wireless deer fence and deer repellent training system. The system is a proven psychological barrier to multiple deer species and is a non-toxic way to keep deer out of garden areas.

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Activists and urban planners cite the rising population of wild deer and expanding urban development as factors that influence human-deer conflict. Deer make their way into gardens and farms, consuming crops, spreading livestock disease, and in some cases, cause automobile accidents.

The newly launched upgraded wireless deer repellent system is a toxin-free deterrent to keep deer from entering human habitation.

Wireless Deer Fence uses patented deer deterrent technology in a self-contained, wireless post that can be embedded in garden soil. Each 19-inch post is made of UV-stabilized PVC and contains corrosion-proof stainless steel electrodes. Posts are powered by two AA-size batteries that last approximately 6 months.

The deer repellent posts can be arranged as a deer fence for gardens and yards and positioned near plants or crops that they prefer to eat. The post has a sweet odor delivery system that attracts deer and delivers a high-voltage but low amperage current to the animal’s nose and tongue.

The Wireless Deer Fence system is an effective psychological deer deterrent, delivering negative reinforcement and associating the sweet smell of the post with the pain of electric shock.

Deer have excellent memories and fear-based motivation drives them away from human habitations after contact with the electrical deer fencing system. This system has been tested as a white-tail deer repellent and as a deterrent against all common species. Wireless Deer Fence has been successfully field-tested for more than 14 years.

According to a spokesperson for the cost-effective wireless deer fence manufacturer, “Since 1999 more than 250,000 wireless posts have been sold to over 50,000 happy customers. Our product has been sold to all 50 states and all over Canada, all over Europe, and to Japan, South Korea, and Australia. This deer control method has been proven to work on all kinds of deer all over the world, providing unbeatable deer damage control with outstanding results.”

Wireless Deer Fence is a non-toxic and environmentally responsible deer repellent solution developed by a veterinarian. The system blends into a natural garden or yard environment and is effective against larger mammals such as moose. The product is available in packs of 3 posts and is backed by a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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