Wired2Perform Delivers a New Approach to Workplace Experience

Creating self-aware individuals and high-performance teams, Wired2Perform presents a new approach to workplace experience.

Every year, millions of youths embark on careers they’re not suited for. While this issue is complex, ultimately it points to a startling lack of self-awareness. Social impact aside, unhappy and unengaged workers lead to losses of $450-$550 billion dollars a year in the United States alone. It is in this context that Wired2Perform emerged with a mission to help create an environment for everyone to be self-aware, know their passions and grow to achieve their aspirations.

Wired2Perform is a people analytics platform founded by Raghu Misra, a serial tech entrepreneur who was previously the Co-Founder & CTO of ShipXpress, a Software-As-A-Service company that was successfully sold to GE Transportation. The software uses an individual’s psychometric/behavioral insights, skills, interests, talents, and aspirations to match them through various proprietary AI-based algorithms to teams, roles and customers.

The platform helps HR and organization development teams to truly access the human capital of the organization from not only a human capital performance management (HCM) and utilization standpoint but also from diversity and inclusion angle. The leaders can utilize various workforce analytics and reports in the platform to assess what the effect of adding an individual would be to a team or who among a set of suitable candidates is the best fit for a role for a team.

The goal is to help the leaders to assess the team’s behavior dynamics and create high-performance teams. The platform improves harmony and satisfaction, allowing workers to interact and engage more meaningfully with their colleagues and their work. In the age where AI and automation are expected to disrupt the workforce, the Future-Of-Work is all about self-aware individuals and how employers use various insights to reskill and upskill their workforce.

Speaking of the change that he hopes to drive with the power and potential of self-awareness, Raghu Misra said, “Wired2Perfom is a part of the workplace revolution we need to see globally. We need to shift to a mindset where work is more about passion than a paycheck. With the people analytics we provide, I’m confident that individuals will be able to understand themselves and those they work with better.”

For more information about Wired2Perform, please contact Isuru Somasinghe on +1 (904) 270-9832‬, or email isuru@wired2perform.com. Please address any postal queries to Wired2Perform, LLC 14221 Kendall Hench Circle Suite 300 Jacksonville, FL 32224 and check out their website www.wired2perform.com for all the information you need.

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