Winston-Salem NC Eanes Heating Air Conditioning HVAC Finance Options Announced

Eanes Heating and Air Conditioning in Winston-Salem, NC has announced new customer service options, including HVAC financing plans, to help customers with affordability.

Eanes Heating and Air Conditioning in Winston-Salem, NC has just announced the launch of a range of new options for heating, air conditioning and HVAC system installations and repairs. Among the new customer service options intended to provide their clientele with solutions that meet their budgets are rent-to-own plans.

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These newly-launched options by Eanes Heating and Air Conditioning aim to relieve stress around the bills associated with HVAC installation and repair. Eanes offers payment plans that can offset those issues, including rent-to-own plans, for clients to have flexibility with how and when they proceed with their renovation.

The new options also include recommendations about the status of the current air conditioning or heating units. The company encourages their customers to consider an upgrade if it becomes clear that their old unit is no longer economical. One way to tell is if power bills are increasing regularly it may mean that the system isn’t working efficiently and may be costing more to operate than a new unit would.

Eanes Heating and Air Conditioning offers these payment options to their customers in the Winston Salem area. The firm’s plans may also be able to cover customers with low credit, without credit, and can in some cases be done without a credit check.

These new options can be used with a number of Eanes Heating and Air Conditioning’s services, including Heating & Air Conditioning Repair, New HVAC System Installation, and HVAC Maintenance & Services.

In addition to the available plans, Eanes Heating and Air Conditioning is extending other offers and rebates to make their services more affordable. This includes a coupon for $20 off repairs, as well as rebates on high efficiency gas furnaces and heat pumps.

J. Flow from High Point, NC shared his experience working with Eanes Heating and Air Conditioning. “Eanes Heating & Air Conditioning is the best HVAC Contractor we have ever had, and we’re on our 5th home. We’ve had Eanes since our 3rd house and couldn’t be happier. Our estimator really knows his HVAC.”

More information on the new customer service options, including scheduling an appointment, can be found at the link above.

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