Winnipeg Sugaring Specialist Company Celebrate Their Success With A New Location

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Bare Body Sugaring, a Winnipeg based sugaring service company, celebrates their success by opening a second location to provide the best service to their clients.

Winnipeg Canada – Bare Body Sugaring, a Winnipeg based beauty company that specializes in providing the best sugaring service in the country is today delighted to announce that they have now opened their second location with plans already in place for a third venue.

The second venue can be found at River Heights, 580, Academy Road, and like its sister shop sets itself apart from its competitors as the only service it provides is sugaring. Many other beauty salons offer sugaring as an afterthought, a service that is performed in a separate area of the salon, rarely promoted or talked about.

At the Bare Body Sugaring company every member of their staff is a sugaring expert, they eat, sleep and breath sugaring, and as a consequence their passion and enthusiasm for the technique becomes infectious with women and men travelling miles to benefit from the treatment.

Due to the increased demand at their first location, and after some in-depth research, the owners of the company ascertained that there was sufficient demand to open a second store in another part of Winnipeg. The demand for sugaring shows no sign of slowing down, and so the search is now underway for a third venue, as the company continues an aggressive expansion plan.

“When it comes to sugaring, all of our staff are very passionate and determined to provide our clients with the ultimate customer service experience,” said Clairissa Roy-Altares. “ When we opened the first salon, we expected there to be some demand, but although we hoped that it would exceed our expectations we were shocked at how quickly the business grew. We are convinced this is because our clients feel more comfortable coming to a location that focuses 100 percent on sugaring, and no other type of beauty treatment. We continue to grow and expand, and have no doubt that as soon as we open the third venue, we will start looking for location number four. We aim to become the number one provider of sugaring in Canada.”

Bare Body Sugaring is a locally owned and operated beauty company based in Winnipeg Canada. The company is a sugar specialist and offers no other forms of beauty treatment, preferring instead to become the acknowledged expert in the treatment. For more information about the company and the services they provide visit their website at

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